Wednesday, October 24, 2012

11 Random Questions

I got these from Audrey at High Heeled Love.  She got an award and the questions came with the award.  I thought they were fun so here goes:

  1. What would you eat if you were only allowed one thing for the rest of your life? Seafood. In just about any form, seafood, shell fish and fish are all so good and there would be variety.
  2. What magical power would you choose to have and why? This is a tough one. The ability to be in two places at once. I could work and be at home with my boys. Best of both worlds.
  3. If you could make your favorite movie your real life, which one would you pick and why? I'd go with Harry Potter. Magic is so cool. I'd love to be in that world.
  4. Name two things on your bucket list that haven't yet been checked off. Ride a hot air balloon and learn about wine.
  5. Why did you start your blog? As a way to find friends. A way to vent about the crazy things that happen while living with guys--I'm out numbered in my own home.
  6. Favorite piece of jewelry and why? My wedding ring. I also love the locket with my boys pictures in it, but can't wear it all the time--the shower would not be friendly to it.
  7. If you had a day of no consequences, what would you do? What wouldn't I do? Eat my favorite junk food, break the rules, just because, read the day away without worrying about what the kids are doing...
  8. Best birthday and why? 35th. Nick threw a surprisish party and had friends over to celebrate with us.
  9. The book you could read over and over. The Fairy Godmother by Mercedes Lackey. It has fantasy, magic, romance, elves, brownies, unicorns, giants, just about everything that makes a good story.
  10. (Fill in the blank) I'm currently obsessed with _________________. Learning to crochet. I want something to do with my hands and it is making my mother very happy to teach me.
  11. The thing you're most looking forward to in this coming month of November? Thanksgiving and spending time with my family. Also, going shopping the Friday after Thanksgiving with a good friend. It's fun to get out of town and shop and have a fun day.

Feel free to borrow, steal or what ever. Just let me know so I can come check out your answers.


  1. great Q&A and i agree bringing Harry Potter to life would be so cool

  2. Cool questions ... but I could never live on sea food alone

  3. Oh man, a day without consequences? I totally would eat like there's no tomorrow, like that scene in Groundhog Day. I'd eat the fattiest foods and not even regret it!

  4. Crocheting is very relaxing once you get it down! :)

  5. :D LOVE your answers! I love posts like this where you really get to know the writer.



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