Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday Randoms

So after a less than stellar Monday, it's now Tuesday.  Can I get a hoorah for Tuesday?  Hey, it's not a Monday  right?!
Random time:

  • I'm thinking about coloring my hair again.  It's a sort of reddish blonde right now.  I think I want it darker.  I may have to wait a while--I had it permed only about a month ago.
  • I'm not sure what got into me this last weekend, but I was all Suzy homemaker.  Baking and laundry and cooking, oh my.  It felt good and the results were tasty--at least the results from the kitchen.
  • Turbo has been having issues.  Like getting his teenager on issues.  He's only nine, but man can he act all drama king.  It's exhausting dealing with him.  Not sure why he's acting this way.  It might be the test he's facing at school, might be not feeling 100% yet, but I wish he'd get over it or communicate better what's going on in that little head of his.
  • Guinness, our collie mix dog gets to go in for a tooth pulling on Wednesday.  He's not going to like it, he hates the vet.  
  • The weather has been lining up to lousy on the weekends.  It has perfect timing to keep us inside.  Cabin fever could get to us this winter.  
  • Nick and I need a night out sans kids.  We may be able to get out this weekend with friends. We so need to.  To just recharge without small people around.  To reconnect.  To have a good adult time.
  • The count down is on.  The countdown to no more political ads.  I can't wait. 
  • Target has jumped the gun.  I saw my first holiday shopping ad from them last night.  Really? Already?
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Seriously Shawn


  1. We're needing a night out soon too, though our anniversary is the 15th so we'll be planning something. Happy Tuesday!

  2. haven't had a night out since Little man was born not sure i even remember what to do on one

  3. A friend of my colors her hair by the season - lighter in the summer, darker in the winter. :) If you do decide to color, be sure to post pictures, please! :)

    This time of year tends to render me more Suzy Homemaker - I think it's the cooler weather...when it's to stinkin' hot, the last thing I want to do is anything that makes it hotter. :)

    There must be something in the air - Princess Nagger has been having the tweenitude or teenitude lately, too... What is it with our 9 year olds? I did have to have a serious chat with PN, though, and threatened no play dates, no birthday party, no computer unless she stopped with the attitude. Seemed to work so far...

    The hubby and I haven't had a night out sans kids in forever...we should probably plan something soon before we become disconnected. ;)

    I'm right there with you on the countdown to no more political ads. They're so annoying.

    Before we know it, they'll be doing holiday shopping ads year 'round. Crazy.

    Fall Finally Arrives with Hotel Transylvania, Body by Vi Challenge Accepted, Comic Moment, Banana Spider and Genius Birthday Card

  4. We don't really have political ads in Canada - thank God! The ones I see on U.S. stations are seriously annoying.

    We had a date night on Friday for the first time in months and I need another one already.

    Visiting from Random Tuesday

  5. I was just thinking last night, it probably won't be long til the Christmas ads start. I think I saw my first one before Halloween last year... crazy!!

    I hope you & Nick get your night out together soon!! :)

  6. I think this 9-year old thing is kind of interesting and scary. Jude's going through weird stuff too. He seems to be figuring out what he wants to be like. You know what I mean? And school stresses him out. Ugh. Go for the night out!

  7. I so can't wait for the politics to be over. Id rather have goodies in my mailbox. LOL.

    Oh I want a date with my hubby too. Please share if you do :)


  8. I love your dog's name! And I could go for a date night, too. It's so great to just reconnect.

  9. Ugh, Costco is covered in Christmas decor. And they don't have one Halloween decoration!! It's mind boggling.
    I hope you and Nick get your date time. Every couple deserves it!

  10. Here in Belgium we have Sinter Klaas on the 6th of December and some of the shops also have their Sint decorations and sweets etc out .... it's crazy!

    Aah the joy of the pre-teens! Good luck my friend, we have one in our house as well and she has the drama queen bit down pat!


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