Monday, October 29, 2012

So Frustrated

OK so we have been doing an intensive go poop potty training for Bruiser.  It's going less than well.  I'm not sure what to do.  He simply won't go.  He has repeated messy tushes but no real pooping.  I'm at a complete loss as to where to go from here.  ANY suggestions will be considered.
This whole potty thing is so stressing.  It's making me and Nick snappy.  I'm trying to be patient.  It doesn't help when Bruiser says he just doesn't want to poop, ever.  I thought the constipation issues we had with Turbo were bad.  Now I'd take that over the constant skid marks and no real poop that Bruiser is doing.  Searching for ideas on Google is getting me no where.  I think I'm going to have to give up on him and try again later.  The status quo is not good, but there's the whole I can't go for you kid.
In other news, the weekend was relaxing and, other than potty stress, low stress.  I made banana bread, which was awesome.  Nick and Bruiser made a snowman in the snow we had. (pictures tomorrow)
Turbo got to go downtown and do the Scaramie downtown trick or treat.  We didn't take Bruiser because it was windy and cold. We are planning to go trick or treating with friends Wednesday.  I'll have someone to talk to and the kids get to trick or treat with friends.  It will be fun.
Well, now that I've complained about potty issues, and need something brighter to do, I'm off to read other blogs.  Leave me some suggestions for Bruiser and I will be eternally grateful.  Hope you weekend was less messy than mine.


  1. Tell Bruiser he can't Trick or Treat without pooping in the potty. HAA! Just kiddin'.

  2. wish i knew what would help but it's been years since i had to potty train anyone. Have you tried a reward system of some sort

  3. Sounds like things are kind of rough. I have no potty advice but hang in there!

  4. My now 5 year old did the same thing (he was 3). I got to the point where I told him "just tell me when you have to poop and we'll put a pull up on". (I know, great parenting). When I gave up and stopped pressuring him, he did it on his own. As a matter of fact, the first time he went in the potty his grandma was staying with him and he told her he pooped and took her to the potty chair to show her. Needless to say we made a huge deal out of it, but I never pressured him again. He's very stubborn and pretty much does the opposite of what I want, so I use that to my advantage! Good luck!

  5. I can't remember exactly how old he is but Leo was a little over 3 before he was fully potty trained. Maybe try giving him a childs laxative so he has to go. Not enough to make him go a lot but enough to loosen it up. Leo had problems that backed him up because he would go but not enough so it always made his stomach hurt. Our doctor recommended a daily dose of a laxative to help things move along. Hopefully this helps!

  6. O shame Vandy, sorry to hear you are still having a hard time with Bruiser. You might want to give it a rest and see if he doesn't come around on his own.


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