Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Swapoween Goodies!

So my Swapoween package finally got here--stupid Postal service.

It came from the lovely Jenn from Life with the Haas's.
She did a fantastic job gathering goodies for me and my family to enjoy HAlloween.
All the goodies.

Window clings.

Yummies to share and cookie to make with the boys.

Hand soap, a black light bulb for our front porch, cups and the cutest card.

Table, door and tree decorations.  Must get on the decorating this week. Also a CD for the boys--Halloween songs, stories, and sounds.
I got to send a package to Karen at A Peek At Karen's World.  Go see what she got from me--it was a fun swap!


  1. wow you got some real nice some Jenn did an amazing job love it all

  2. That all looks so fun! :) Thanks for joining us!

  3. Nice swag...I love the window clings. Are they reusable?

  4. Looks like a ton of fun stuff!

  5. Window clings are some of my favorite decorations because they're so easy to put up and take down.

    Great package. Happy Swapoween!

  6. Yay! I'm so glad you finally got and loved your package!!! Those cookies look delish! I may have to go back and get some for myself! :)

    I had so much fun shopping for you!!

  7. Wahoo! I love that you got a great mix of decor, food, and practical things (Halloween hand soap! She must know you have kids). ;)

    Thanks for being a great swapper, and for joining us on this one!

  8. Cute stuff! I just love Halloween.


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