Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Talking Random

So it's Tuesday.  Can I hear a hooray, it's not Monday any more?!  Not that this monday was particularly bad, but it was, you know, a Monday.  And ours came with an extra bill, which made it all that much more special.  Now on to the random:
  • Everything here is now brown.  The cold weather zapped the colors and it's all just brown.  I think I'm ready for snow--at least that's pretty to look at.
  • I made the comment on my confessions that I didn't have laundry to do last weekend.  Yes, I do laundry every two weeks.  The piles are large, but I can keep track of it that way.  Otherwise I'd forget what's clean and what's dirty and I'd end up doing laundry over and over again.  Plus, I hate laundry, I don't really want to do it all the time.  Now I will do things like sheets, blankets, rugs and such on the off weekend, but that stuff is easy to wash, fold and "put away".  Adn I'm still doing a load of Bruiser clothes a week.
  • I am planning a potty boot camp for Bruiser the end of the month.  Our babysitter is out of town and I'm staying home with bruiser and he's gonna be naked for like 10 days straight, unless we leave the house.  Cross your fingers that he will get the whole pooping in the potty thing by then.
  • Halloween is looming on the horizon at our house. Bruiser is still pretty stuck on Batman.  He's had a couple of detours to ninjas and Spiderman, but currently he's wanting a Batman costume.  Turbo wants to be a ninja.  As long as I can layer plenty underneath the costumes, they should be good to go.  I totally expect a significant snow storm before Halloween.  It's tradition.
  • I got my thank you package from Impulsive. She did it up right--it was totally random, but all favorite things of hers.
Santa towels, hand lotion, scented diffuser, Mio, Whoppers and tissues.  Perfect!
  •  I really am enjoying baking.  I got bananas at the store this week and I kind of hope they don't all get eaten.  Then I can make banana bread.  I keep this up and I'm gonna end the winter looking like two ton tessie.  On with the exercise--dance it off, right?
  • We rode in the homecoming parade, snow, rain and all.  The only thing about it was we threw the candy to the spectators, my boys came home with nothing and that about killed them.  I had to go to the store and get them each a bag of candy.  Nice that candy is readily available right now.
So what's your random?  Link it up with Stacy.
And link up any old post with Shawn and Impulsive.  Their Talk To Us Tuesday has no rules.
Seriously Shawn


  1. I hate laundry too! And figuring out how to make the Halloween costumes work when the kids have to be bundled up. But I've been enjoying baking lately myself. Something about Fall puts me in the mood.

  2. You have no idea how many costumes were ruined for me as a kid because we had to wear our snowsuits underneath!!

    Everything's turning brown here too. We had beautiful colours for a week or so, but this week has been so rainy and cold...the colour is gone. I agree...bring on the pretty snow :)

  3. I'm so jealous you only do laundry every 2 weeks. My kids don't have enough clothes to make it that long. Stopping by from Talk To Us Tuesday.

  4. Laundry every two weeks? Wow. I do it on Wednesdays and Sundays and have friends who do it almost every day and envy ME. I would LOVE to be able to wait two weeks.

  5. I need to get the kids there Halloween costumes. Allison wants to be a lala loopsy and Ryan probably a scary clown to freak me out.

  6. Oh girl Im right there with you potty training, weening off the bottle; clearly im a gluten for punishment!

    I love those neat packages. How cute!

  7. GOOD LUCK on the boot camp. I just KNOW after 10 days of running around nekkid, we will be fully trained on pooping on the potty. Give him lots of grapes. Or raisins. Or prunes to make sure he's "regular" for you!!

    I LOVE to bake and it gets more frequent in the winter months! YUMMY!!!

    Thanks for linking up my friend! xoxo

  8. I actually like doing laundry. I get to watch tv and I feel like I have accomplished something... I Hate mopping. And mowing the lawn. And raking leaves. Basically any yardwork..l

  9. You're ready for snow? It was 91 here yesterday, I'm just ready for temps in the 70's!

    Love that IA sent you such good goodies. I'm a slacker and still have Jill's gift in my card...hanging my head in shame!


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