Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Confessions

I'm really happy it's Friday.  This was a weird week.  Having Nick gone and then getting weather and everything just made it seem strange, long, short and everything.  So on to the confessions:
  • I'm home today because the babysitter is out of town.
  • Someone has to watch Bruiser.
  • And we are diligently working on pooping in the potty.
  • We have had some small successes.
  • I'll take it.
  • I'm so over wiping a little butt constantly.
  • It totally doesn't look like Halloween outside.
  • It looks like Christmas.
  • 8 inches of snow will do that.
  • Despite what it looks like outside, I'm not ready for Christmas to hit the TV.
  • We have to survive Halloween first, without freezing any important body parts.
  • The boy are going to miss the downtown trick or treat.
  • It's going to be entirely too cold for Mom and Dad.
  • So we will come up with something else.
  • I didn't they didn't need the candy anyway.
  • They will get enough Halloween night.
  • I'm making banana bread today.
  • And figuring out what to make for dinner.
  • Anyone got any great ideas?
  • I'll take all the suggestions I can.
Stay warm and dry this weekend.  From the sounds of the weather, staying dry could be a challenge.
Go confess and join up with Audrey, of High Heeled Love, who's standing in for Mamarazzi this month.


  1. Ew. It will be so good when potty training is done!

    It looks kind of like Christmas here too. It's been snowing the last couple of days, but is mostly melted. We don't have 8 inches though!

  2. We're having spaghetti for dinner but chili or tacos sound equally good.

  3. Sounds like a comfort food night. Mac and Cheese is always a winner.

  4. Wow, I'm so jealous of your 8 inches of snow! No snow in sight here yet - today is unseasonably warm, but it's to be cool and rainy for the next week... still no snow, though.

    Odd to think in a few short weeks it will be acceptable to start listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas specials... I guess you guys have Thanksgiving first, but it's all just around the corner!

    Happy Friday :)

  5. This weekend last year it snowed while we were in Asheville. I sure hope it doesn't snow during our trip this year. It's too cold for an outdoor music festival.

    Hope your boys have fun with whatever Halloween festivities you come up with.

    Thanks for linking up with Friday Confessional. Have a fabulous weekend.

  6. Awh... sorry for the snow. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. You sound very busy.

    Good home baked Mac 'n' Cheese does sound good for your weather.

  7. woohoo on the small success in pooping ever small step counts and i'm totally grabbing my coffee and will be over for banana bread

  8. I remember the potty training days!

    It's funny because Shelley and her friends were talking today about how it seems more like Christmas here in Alabama (cool, overcast, windy) and not so much like Halloween!

    I hope your boys enjoy Trick or Treating next week!


  9. I thought I had a lot of work!!! Have a Happy Halloween, hope you get thru it all right:) I am a new follower from Rome.


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