Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WWTK--Mom, Mom!

Time to answer up the questions with MAmarazzi and Crazymama again.  This week Crazymama asked a couple of questions and the rest came from link participants.  One even came from little old me.  How exciting.

1. What would be your ideal way to spend Mothers day? Ideal way?  Oh, I'd love to have breakfast with my guys, go for a drive in the mountains, have a nice grill out with my mom and Nick's mom and then a lovely soak in the tub with a glass of wine a good book.  Or go camping like we did last year.  Just spend time with family.
2. Which would you rather receive actual gifts or gifts of service?  I like getting a small gift.  I don't need extravagant every year, but a token to recognize the day is nice.  This year I'm hoping for a replacement for the Mom pendant I lost last week.
She @ wants to know:
3. How do you juggle it all? How many different "hats" do you wear and how do you accomplish all you have to do?  I wear several hats.  Mom, wife, friend, coworker, geologist, clean up crew, cook, bottle washer, etc. the only way to keep it all straight is organization and lists--at least for grocery shopping and meals. As to the rest, I have a great helper in Nick.  He is willing to pitch in with cooking and cleaning around the house.  He does get most of the outside bulidy type things though.
Vandy @ (this is me!) wants to know:
4. What was your "Oh no, I'm turning into my mom" moment?  For me, it was the moment I caught myself licking my thumb to wipe a smudge off Turbo when he was a toddler.  I hated when my mom did that to me as a kid and here I was doing it to Turbo.  After that, wet wipes were always handy.
Natalie @ wants to know:
5. What should you be doing right now instead of participating in today's WWTK linky?  Putting a little boy to bed.  He's wheedled ten more minutes out of me, but he's headed there soon.

Now go answer the questions and link up.  Mamarazzi and Crazymama would love to see you.


  1. I do that thumb licking thing too and each time, I cringe because even though my mom didn't do it, it seems like a mom cliche.

  2. i do the spit smudge removal but only if i don't have wipes ready, which i almost always have but spit is better than a dirty face.

    a mothers necklace is always a good choice.

    sounds like a fun way to spend mothers day.

    thanks for linking up and i hope you have a fabulous mothers day in a few weeks.

  3. Your ideal Mother's Day sounds fantastic!

    I hear that Mom Spit is the cleanest substance known to man. :)

  4. I much rather spend Mother's day quietly also.

  5. I do that, and i remember how much i hated it when m'y mom did it .... Funny, sure Cat is going to do the same when she is a mom :)

  6. aw mom just 5 more minutes pleaseeeeee

  7. Your answer your ideal day sounds pretty great to me!

    I don't get gifts from the hubs usually but when I do, he does a good job. I do love the homemade gifts that the girls give me thought, definitely my favorites.

    Ahhhh the dreaded thumb. I have so done that too. LOL

  8. love the hat question, thanks for that...great answer too!

    a small token is nice...i hope you get your wish.

    thanks for linking up!!

  9. I dislike physical lists but I always have a mental list going on in my head of everything that needs to get done!!


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