Friday, May 18, 2012

Confession Friday

Time to confess for the weekend.  And man, am I ready for the weekend.  Here we go:
  • I survived the trip to the museum with the third graders.
  • It was pretty cool.
  • Although I will admit there are one or two of those third graders that I don't like.
  • They already have attitude.
  • Not so into a 9 year old gangster cool boy wanna be.
  • The TAB was really good when I got home.
  • Turbo had a great time though, so there's that.
  • We are trying the chocolate dipped strawberry beer tomorrow.
  • The tastes we had while bottling gave us great promise that it will be worth drinking.
  • We are setting ourselves up to be kid central this summer.
  • We are building Turbo a fort to hang out in for his birthday.
  • He doesn't know about this and is quite disappointed about the fact that he can't have a tree house.
  • Said fort will be a magnet for every boy in a five block radius.
  • I might have to stock up on snacks and drinks--both for them and for Nick and I.
  • And we still fight on on the potty front.
Have a great weekend--no matter what mother nature sends you.  And go link your confessions up with Mamarazzi.  It's a great way to start the weekend.


  1. that beer sounds amazing! Let us know how it turns out!

  2. I think a fort sounds like a great hang out even for a girl in her early 30s, I mean, 29s =)

    That beer sounds too yummy.

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Glad the museum trip went well, I could imagine it being hectic with a bunch of 3rd graders. Kids now days *sigh*.
    Your beer sounds interesting, haha! I can't wait to hear more about it.
    The fort sounds awesome! It will be an awesome surprise for him. Good luck handling all the boys the are going to swarm to it :D
    Have an awesome weekend!

  4. Oy the potty front! Keep at it mamma. Good luck!

    Forts sound way cooler than a tree house! For sure!
    Sounds amazing. Can't wait to see pictures.

  5. You always are making such interesting sounding beers! I'm not a beer fan, wonder if I'd like one of those flavours...
    Enjoy your weekend! I agree, couldn't be coming at a better time!! :)

  6. We have grown wanna be gangsta boys here. I always tell them,"If you're pants are down around your knees and you're in the passangers set of your grandmama's car pull your pants up. You aren't a gangsta." Glad you had fun though.

  7. Interesting beer ingredients. Can't wait to hear how it tastes. I'm betting it's delicious. saw your field trip pix. NICE!


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