Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spin Cycle--Mom!

I remember being so mad at my mom when I was about 16.  She insisted I clean my room.  Privilege revoking was threatened.  Angry words were said.  Grudgingly, and sullenly I cleaned and picked up.  Never realizing the lesson I was being taught.
Why did my room have to be clean?  No one saw it but me and I knew mostly where everything was. (All over the floor, but who's looking?)  Why did she have to be so mean about it?  It doesn't matter if it's clean, it's just going to get cluttered again.  This is so unfair!  Why does she have to pick on me about this?  It doesn't matter if my clothes are put away!  Those are the ones I wear most often any way.  And on the rant went in muttered tones.
I realized what she was trying to teach me when I moved into my first apartment, well Nick's and my first apartment.  Those floors did not clean themselves.  Laundry was only done if I did it.  The magic elves did not come clean the bathroom.  Or do dishes.  It was then that I realized why my mom had harped on me to clean my room.  So I learned those skills it takes to live on my own.
Other things I learned form my mother:
  • Cooking solid basic food can be tasty.
  • How to sort laundry.
  • How to fold fitted sheets.
  • Clean is better than spotless and a lot more doable.
  • A clean kitchen and bathroom are necessary.
  • How to fold towels.
  • How to iron.
  • Be proud of your kids.
  • Make sure they learn the little stuff.
I have boys.  Not quite the same relationship between a mother and son as it is between a mother and daughter.  But, I am hoping to teach my boys life skills too.  With any luck the things I teach them will stick with them and they will have their own epiphanies once they are on their own, like I did.
What did you learn from your mother?
This week's spin is all about mother.  Any spin you want to put on it as long as it's about mother, spin it up and go let Gretchen know you've got a spin to add to the wash.

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  1. Nice spin! I was the same way for many things and see how differently it's going to be for me and the boys as opposed to my mother, who had two girls.

  2. I totally wish they had little elves that cleaned the bathrooms. But I totally get what you're learn exactly how much what your mother said when you were little is right. Especially when you find yourself saying it as an adult.

  3. Still looking for those little elves...

  4. Ah, it all comes clear, doesn't it? Now that my mother is gone, I so desperately wish that I'd had the chance to tell her that I understood finally. Your mom clearly did a great job! you still fold your fitted sheets? I have completely unlearned that, and end up just rolling them in a ball!

    You are linked!

  5. brilliant and i have yet to learn to fold fitted sheets properly

  6. My mom harped on me to clean my room mostly because I would complain about being bored. :-) It was to get me busy and out of her way.

  7. Isn;t it funny how as a mom having your kids room clean makes a world of difference in your day. Ohhh how I wish my kids could keep things clean. Uggghhh!

  8. The things moms teach us stay with us forever and we end up passing those things through our own children.


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