Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Random Time Tuesday

So, it's Tuesday, let's hear it for surviving Monday!  Not that this Monday was really bad or anything, but it was, you know, Monday.
Let's get to the Random:

  • Turbo has spacers in his mouth to, of course, hold space for his molars to grow in.  Last week one came loose and it started to hurt.  This had to happen a month and a half before his 6 month check up.  So this afternoon we are heading over to the dentist to get his spacer fixed.  Fun times.
  • I lost my Mom pendant from it's necklace when we were swimming last Thursday.  This makes me sad.  It was the necklace that Nick and the boys got me just after Bruiser was born.  Now it's gone.  I still have the chain, but no more heart shaped Mom.  It was really pretty too.
  • I'd really like it if the wind would just blow away.  We have had so much of it recently.  It dries everything out and for a place with low humidity anyway, we don't need extra help being dry.
  • I am so tired.  It just doesn't feel like I sleep well enough or long enough or something.  I don't like being tired.
  • Bruiser has taken to saying Booyah for just about anything he is excited about or agrees with or thinks is good.  He uses it correctly which is so cool.
  • Turbo got a haircut.  He looks much better now, but he wanted a buzz cut.  I'm not ready for him to have no hair quite yet.
  • We really need to get out camping.  It's time to break up the monotony and spend some fun time as a family together.  
  • It's time to go through Bruiser's toys and cull out the ones that are too young for him.  Time to get rid of the ones he doesn't play with.  I think the spring cleaning bug is biting me.
And with that I will leave you to go see the other random linkers for today.  Go visit Stacy, she has all the random stuff.
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Seriously Shawn


  1. I get tired like that too; sometimes I'll have a few weeks where it's never enough sleep. Lately though, I have been getting about 7 hours and waking up feeling refreshed. Very odd but very welcome! Happy Tuesday.

  2. Turbo really is a lot like Princess Nagger, isn't he? She had (and still has one) spacers too - sucks when they come loose and hurt. She's had that happen once so far...not fun!

    Awwww! Sorry about the lost pendant - maybe a replacement for this Mother's Day is in order? ;)

    I've been really tired lately, too - of course it would probably help if I got to bed at a reasonable hour in order to get more than 4 hours of sleep...

    HA! I can just picture Bruiser saying "Booyah!" I'd be laughing every time... ;)

    I hope you get to go camping soon - I'm still trying to convince the hubby that camping really is fun!

    I've started to feel the spring cleaning bug, too...now if I just wasn't so tired... ;)

    May Day Weather and Spicy Racks

  3. I hate when you think you go to bed early enough and then wake up the next day and feel like you haven't slept a wink. Makes the days drag by. Hope you get some rest soon!

  4. oh it's so sad to lose something sentimental.

  5. I think this might be the first day in a month that we don't have that wind thing going on.

    Enjoy your Tuesday!

  6. sorry about your necklace that's really sad and i know how you feel about not feeling like you get enough i have days like that as well

  7. Thanks for stopping by!
    I never feel like I get enough sleep, but I think that comes with being 50+.
    Sad that you lost your pendant.
    Have a great week! Monday and Tuesday are behind us now!

  8. I hate that you lost your necklace. I need to remember not to swim in mine. Emma got me a beautiful necklace for mothers day and I would be crushed if something happened to it.

    I need to clean out Emma's toys too. Ugh.

    Thanks for linking up! How's potty training?

  9. Oh no how awful that you lost your pendant. :(

    Booyah... haaa that is hilarious!

    I wish I would catch the Spring cleaning bug, I could really ise it around my house.

  10. I'm still heartbroken over the two wedding rings floating around somewhere. My fifty dollar plain band is all I hold onto since I'm so worried about losing more.
    I really hope you find your pendant.

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