Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spin Cycle--Word Up

This week the spin cycle is about words.  This has been a topic before, my post on how words can be oh so powerful for both good and bad got a good response.  I'm thinking about going a different way this time.

I have always liked words, be they in the form of books, word games, or good conversation.  Words surround us daily--more so now than when I was a kid really.  Everyone has a phone and lots of those phones are smart phones.  With one of those you have instant access to words--email, google, blogs, Words with Friends, the list goes on and on.  It's interesting how no one ever asks why they need to learn to read like they do with why they need to learn math.  You use those reading skills all the time.

Words games are a favorite of mine--but not scrabble.  I like anagrams, word searches, crossword puzzles, really just about any pencil puzzle out there.  All word based.  I like to relax before bed with a word search or two (or three or four).  It helps to shut off my brain.  I really enjoy the word game that are on the Kindle.  One of my favorite games for the DS is CrossworDS.  I like word games.  Logic puzzles are another favorite.

Playing with words is fun, but my favorite use of words has to be reading.  I love to read.  Romance, history, thrillers, mystery, contemporary fiction, fantasy, humor, cook books, biography, true crime, adventure, the books on my shelves and on my kindle are many and varied.  Books have always been a comfort to me, an escape from the trials of school when I was younger, a short escape from the rigors of momhood today.  Books are solid and unchanging, dependable, enjoyable, fun and these days something I can share with my family when I become the book on tape by reading out loud to them on our road trips.

So words are important, useful and necessary for everyone.  They can be fun, imformative, frustrating (when I can't figure out that one word in a crossword or anagram), an escape, and really how would we live with out words.  And that is the word on that.
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  1. Nice. I want to do this theme this week since I AM an English person but I just can't figure out what to say.

  2. I'm a word person too, I LOVE word games, always have. I like to think that always playing these games will keep our brains young and hold off old age!

    You are linked!!

  3. I guess words are a big part of my life too - I read a lot, I write a lot, and I love playing word puzzles, too. (Word Mole on my phone right now is my favourite!) Really, you can't escape words!

    A song I really like by Jason Mraz is called "Words" - it's a fun, catchy song, and really sums all of this up well! :)

  4. Speaking of words, I have two Nora Roberts new releases coming my way tomorrow. So excited!

  5. I love words too! I guess that's why I majored in English--reading is my passion!

  6. I think I enjoy the way in which words are spoken the most. I tend to gravitate towards bands which use a lot of lyrics because it is fun to try and sing along. Perhaps it's the singer in me that likes a good lyric, or poem.


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