Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Random Tuesday--Thinking on the Random Side of Things

Time to get all random--cause that's what Tuesday is all about.  And it clears my brain.  Now there's a scary thought.
  • Turbo is done with school for this year on Friday.  He also has his birthday that day.  We are going camping.  We will be doing his birthday early with the family--all the grandparents will be over for dinner on Wednesday.  He does sort of get gipped out of a birthday party with all his friends, but with school getting out, it being a holiday weekend, and us heading up camping, a birthday party just isn't feasible.
  • The cottonwood trees have been producing a bumper crop of cotton this year.  My sinuses hate me.  Turbo is experiencing the wonderful world of allergies this year too.  Claritin is our friend.
  • Anyone know any good free aps for a droid based smart phone?  I'm always up for a good free ap.
  • For the first time since Christmas, we don't have beer brewing in the house.   Nick needs to get more ingredients.  I'm looking forward to what he makes next.  The Strawberry Chocolate beer is pretty good.  I want to make it again.
  • We are going through lots of water at home--washing little boy feet so they are clean for bedtime.  It's good they are playing enough to get dirty.  But looking at those yucky feet--ew.
  • We still have a lot to do before the kick off to summer that is this weekend.  Shopping for stuff for the camper--not too much needed but a few things, getting food, packing clothes, making sure sheets and blankets are clean and sleeping bags are packed, and then making sure we all get there with a minimum of meltdowns.
  • How do you go camping with a sort of potty trained three year old?  I'm not sure what pottying will happen this weekend.
  • I need to teach Turbo how to make a sandwich this summer.  Also the art of making frozen pizza.  You gotta start somewhere.  He makes a mean fried egg sandwich.  The kid has potential.
  • I hate nights where you feel as though you ran a marathon in your sleep.  Last night I tossed and turned and don't really feel as if I slept much at all.  Nights like that happen way to often.
And there you have it.  A peak at some of the things that float around in my head at the oddest of times.  GO see Stacy for more random.
AND go check out Shawn and Impulsive for Talk To Us Tuesday--no rules just link up fun.

Seriously Shawn


  1. What kind of apps? I like to play Draw Something and i also use Instagram for taking fun pictures and following others'.

  2. I hate those nights, too, but honestly, right now every night is one of those nights :-)

  3. Something tells me Turbo doesn't mind not having a party, I'm sure he much prefers camping and doing boy things all day.

    The potty training things...owe!

    Not getting a good nights sleep is the worst!

    Thanks for linking up with us and enjoy your first offical summer activity!

  4. Ooooh camping with kids! I can't wait to read about this!!

  5. Toss 'n turn sleeping isn't much fun. I haven't had too many of those in recent months, which I'm glad for. I hope you get more rest tonight, though. Moms need lots of Zs to make their days run smoother or is that just a me thing? lol
    Happy random Tuesday hopping!

  6. i know WWF and instagram are free oh and of course angry birds

  7. Potty training while camping? Hmm, maybe just let him aim for the trees!

  8. Strawberry Chocolate beer? Interesting. I think I would enjoy making beer instead of making wine.

  9. Hearing about your upcoming camping trip makes me want to go camping! Heck, I'd go anywhere right about now...so feeling the need to get away for a few days!

    I hope Turbo has a great birthday!!

  10. I wish Princess Nagger was done with school this Friday instead of next Thursday - Memorial Day weekend was always the best summertime kick-off weekend when I was a kid. I agree with Shawn - I bet Turbo isn't too bummed about not having a party with his friends...though if he is, you could always do an 'un-birthday' party 6 months from now... ;)

    I don't have allergies, but even my sinuses have been protesting the excessive pollen this year. ;)

    If you get Scramble With Friends, I'll play with you - and you'll probably kick my butt like everyone else is. :) StacyUncorked, of course! :)

    No beer currently brewing? Must be something in the air - I've been chomping at the bit wanting to start a few new batches of wine, but life has been getting in the way...this weekend I'm making Kahlua, though - and probably starting a couple of batches of wine at that time, too, so I can rack them one last time before we leave on vacation, then rack them again when we get back. :)

    What is it about this time of year and dirty boy feet? Little Dude has been guilty of the same. :)

    Ooooh! I want to go camping! I need to convince the hubby that it really is a fun thing to do. :)

    Field Trip Fun-ish, Future Nagging Guest Blogger, Angry Birds Take On Stonehenge

  11. I hope we get to go camping this year. I LOVE camping! We haven't been since we've had Emma. I think she would like it but the sleeping may be a problem.

    YUCK for the allergies. Mine haven't hit too much yet but I'm sure they will.

    There you go again...talking about the strawberry chocolate beer again. It sounds so yummy but I'm having a hard time imagining what that tastes like! lol

    Have a great week and thanks for linking up!

  12. My sleep has been pretty off too. Until last night when I had a glass of wine before bedtime, I slept like a rock! Trying it again tonight for similar results,,,

  13. Leo just started t-ball this year so he is getting bathed nightly as well. He doesn't get why...even though he is covered in dirt!


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