Friday, May 11, 2012

confess it all

I confess:
  • I'm really glad it's Friday
  • We played with play dough this week.
  • We had brown playdough.
  • Poop was made.
  • You can't not make poop out of brown play dough
  • Even Bruiser called the brown lumps of play dough poop.
  • Getting out for adult time makes such a difference.
  • I finally vacuumed last night.
  • The dust rhinos were charging the boys.
  • the dust dinosaurs were eating the dust bunnies.
  • It was carnage.
  • I defeated them all with the sucker of death.
  • Hey, vacuuming sucks (no pun intended).
  • I gotta have fun with it somehow.
  • Woo hoo, it's Friday
  • Did I say that already?
  • Yep, really happy it's Friday.
  • Going home time can't come soon enough.
  • School is out in 14 days here.
  • Turbo turns nine on the last day of school.
  • Next week is the field trip with Turbo's class.
  • He's been planning his lunch for the last week.
  • So I don't forget to pack him one.
  • Like I'm going to pack me one and not him.  
  • And it's a week away.
  • I love the kids, but he's nuts sometimes.
Enjoy your Friday (best day of the week).  May going home time come quickly.  Go join up with Mamarazzi and get it all off your chest for the weekend.


  1. Ha, I laughed with that poop comment. Too funny! And with having fun husband does beavis and butthead impersonations when he thinks I can't hear him while he's vacuuming. I have to make the chores fun!

  2. My kids are really into Play-doh lately too and yes, eventually it all turns brown!

  3. hahaha poop play dough! awesome!! Wi-fi just said this morning "mommy, I think I smell playdough!" ? idk why...I think he was hinting that he wanted to play with it lol

  4. I am glad that someone else has dust dinos and rhinos but we also have dustephants(dust elephants). They are large but quiet and hang out in clusters. Terrible things!

  5. Brown play dough poop! Haha that is too funny.
    I love your vacuuming story line :D It does suck! & I agree, you have to make it fun somehow!
    Turbo sounds too funny, just don't forget to pack him a lunch ;)

  6. You made me laugh with the vaccuum comments. :)


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