Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spin cycle--Love, Love, Love It!

So, after last week's hate fest, Gretchen decided that we needed to lighten things up and tell what we love.  Any thing you love, any way you love it.  since I did a list last week, I'm sticking with what works.
I love:

  • Reading a good book, be it romance, adventure, mystery, fantasy or historic fiction, as long as it's good I love reading.
  • Cooking.  Finding a new recipe, making an old favorite, I enjoy the act of taking raw ingredients and making something edible.
  • Turbo.  My oldest son.  He is spunky, irritating, interesting, annoying, fun, frustrating, and I love him any way he is.
  • Bruiser.  My youngest son.  He is entertaining, frustrating, adorable, irritating, cuddly, three (and all being three entails), and I love every bit of him.
  • Nick.  The love of my life.  My friend, partner, lover, husband.  I am so lucky to have him.  He supports me in anything I want to do and is my biggest cheerleader.
  • Blogging.  I love being able to express how I'm feeling, meet fun ladies, have people who  understand how I'm feeling.  It's my outlet and line to the bigger world.
  • My house.  Yes it needs some work, some finishing, but it's a very nice house.
  • Our back yard.  It's mostly deck, but it's a great place to gather and hang out on a summer evening.
  • Having time to enjoy all the things I love.  I may not have as much as I'd like, but I do get to enjoy being with and doing things I love to do.
  • My cat, Piper.  She is independent, loving, sweet and a source of comfort to me.  She always wants to cuddle close just when I need a pick me up.
So there are some things I love.  What do you love?
Go see Gretchen for more love spins.

Second Blooming


  1. Love, love, love! Reading these love spins makes me happy! Thanks for sharing your many good things.

    You are linked!!

  2. Yes yes yes on #1!!!!
    I need a few good reads. I also love my house no matter what state of disarray it's in. :-)

  3. Heh heh I talked about books and blogging too!

  4. i'm all for the reading part of this list

  5. Love the list! All very very good things to love :-)

  6. Reading all these love lists make me want to add to my own post! So many wonderful things!


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