Monday, May 7, 2012

Getting out of Town

For a weekend, this last one wasn't too bad.  We got away, made beer, got laundry done, and had an all around relaxing time.
After a lovely trip out of town, sans kiddos, the rest of Saturday was pretty quiet.  We left the kids with Nick's folks and bailed out of town Saturday morning.  Since we had our new phones, we tried to use the navigation on them.  We found Lowe street in Ft Collins, a daycare that the map claimed was Lowes all in an effort to find Lowes Home Improvement store.  Finally we gave up on the navigation and found it the old fashioned way.  We looked out the windows until we saw the sign for Lowes.  Later we used the navigation more successfully. It found the brewing supply store we were looking for and led us there quite nicely.
After we got the shopping out of the way we had a marvelous lunch at Carrabas Italian Grill.  An adult lunch, no kids, good service (even if one of the servers was wearing bunny ears--a promotion he said--but still, blue bunny ears) you can't ask for much more.
After we got home, we didn't do much else.  Kids ran around, I did more laundry, we tried to figure out the age old question of what to make for dinner.  We ended up with breakfast for dinner in the form of Biscuits and Gravy.
Sunday was busyish.  Nick brewed up his first batch of all grain beer.  I did dishes.  A lot of dishes it seemed.  More laundry, grocery shopping, some reading.  All in all not an overly exciting day.  Nice, but not exciting.
After making a fantastic chicken on the grill for dinner, we dunked both boys through the bath, watched Harry Potter, and mentally got ready for another Monday.  Honestly, though, can one really get ready for a Monday?  Nope, I didn't think so.
And this is what we woke up to this morning.
Off my front porch this morning.

Yep, it's snowing here.
So how is your Monday shaping up?  It's gotta be better than here.


  1. Snow in May? That's crazy!

    You have to get use to the navigation thing on your smart phone. I only use the map part. I don't really like to be told where to a machine no less.

  2. It's crazy that it was snowing! It's hot as all get-out down here. My weekend was good. I sorta recap it on my site but I was going to talk more about it tomorrow.

  3. LOVE Carrabbas! And a weekend sans kids is always a good thing!

  4. snow in May not liking it at all nope


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