Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Homemade Dog Food

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Growing up, my parents supplemented the dog food they fed our dogs with scraps from the wild meat they harvested each year.  The would boil down the bones and scraps and then grind the resulting mash. This was then frozen and later added to the dry food we fed the dogs.  I think the dogs we had when I was a kid did very well on this diet.  They didn't have health problems and were active until old age carried them off.

Today there are several places you can go on the internet to find dog food recipes, but Homemade dog food has both cooked and raw recipes that give your dog balanced food that they will like.  Most of the ingredients you can find in your local grocery store, the exception being the nutrient supplements, but there are links to those on the Homemade dog food website. 

Homemade dog food has videos and a great recipe to get you started.  Easy cooked dog food recipe uses hamburger, rice, eggs and nutrient supplements to create a dog food that has none of the preservatives of commercial dog food and none of the corn either.

If you want your dog to eat better and to know absolutely what your dog is eating, give making their food a try.

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