Monday, May 14, 2012

A Weekend and Mother's Day

Our weekend started Friday afternoon.  As soon as going home time hit, we felt so much better.  Nick's mom had her birthday and we all went out for dinner--awesome, I didn't have to cook.  We got them a pair of nice glasses so they can enjoy lemonade or iced tea in their wonderful back yard this summer.
Saturday started out with the obligatory trip to the grocery store--I go early to beat the crowds and get it over with.  Then we sort of hung out and bummed around--Nick took the boys shopping--a mother's day trip--and later we went to get something for the grandmas.  I made a fabulous version of Carrabas Grill Sausage and Lentil soup.  I was amazed at how good it came out.  Nick loved it.  The kids not so much--it was a bit spicy.  By the time they are teenagers, I bet I won't be able to get them to leave me any.
For Sunday, I got to sleep in.  When I got up, I had to hunt down my present.  Turbo did hot and cold so I could find it.  It was a lovely Black Hills gold locket with a picture of each boy in it.

Then we sort of skipped breakfast and went straight to lunch.  We had the grandparents over and gave the grandmas garden gnomes for Mother's day.  Grilled chicken sandwiches, greek coleslaw, and potato salad made for a wonderful lunch.  Everyone had a great time.
After lunch, we loaded the family into the truck and headed out to find a road we had not driven on before.  We succeeded, maybe a bit more than we had intended, since Nick didn't get gas before we left town and we weren't really sure where we were, exactly.  We came out farther south than we intended, but we were able to get gas and got home with no problem.
We had told Turbo that if we did run out of gas, he would have to push.  He watched the gas gauge really close after that.  Hey if you can't have fun with your kids what can you do?
I really loved my mother's day this year.  It was great.  How was yours?


  1. Glad you had a great Mother's Day! Love the locket!

  2. Sounds great!

    I did nothing. Which is exactly what I wanted to do.

  3. I'm so glad you had a great day!! I did too. :)
    LOVE that locket. So sweet.

  4. sounds wonderful and tomorrow you post recipe for Greek Coleslaw right

  5. Sounds like a great Mother's Day! Mine was quiet, and I loved it. :-)


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