Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Get Random!

Totally Tuesday and totally time to get random!
  • The heat has hit us.  We are approaching 90 during the day.  The only thing that saves us is that it hits the low 50s at night and thus cools off nicely.  Yep, 40 degree temp swings are normal for us here.
  • Turbo has a sore throat.  No fever, but he can't talk or swallow.  Nick will be taking him in for a check to make sure it's not serious.  I'm hoping it's not serious. We shall see.
  • Loved this:
  • We are planning on adding to our toy collection this weekend.  We want one more kayak.  Then we can all play in the water and as hot as it's been the water sounds pretty nice.
  • Grammer is so very important:

  •  So our dogs:
  • And for those of us who remember:

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Blah and MMMM

Still not over the blahs that have taken over my motivation.  This last weekend I accomplished nothing.  Absolutely nothing. Oh, dishes got done and the kids are still alive and fed and relatively clean.  The same thing can not be said for my house.  I just could not motivate this weekend.
Nick was very busy with the 3D archery shoot he helped to put on.  He was up at the shoot Friday setting up.  All day Saturday registering people and then shooting the course himself and then again Sunday morning for the competition. He did well enough to get third place in his group. 
Bruiser had a birthday party to go to yesterday afternoon and he had a blast.  Pirate parties are always fun.
Otherwise, I didn't do much of anything.  It got hot and I think my tush got glued to the couch.  Oh wait, I did do one thing--I colored my hair again.
From this too...

I really do like the darker better.  I also repainted my toes.  So I got some self grooming done this weekend.  Not a stellar accomplishment, but hey, it works.

Now for MMMM--It's a freebie week!  So let's see what we have to listen to today:

Don Henley The Boys of Summer:

Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff with Summertime:

Jo Dee Messina Heads Carolina Tails California:

What are you feeling the Monday morning?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday 5

I'm so ready for the weekend. Just have to get to the magical going home time.  This was a long week--not because it went slowly, but because I just felt off this week. Any way, time for Friday 5 with Emmy Mom.

5 Thoughts:
  1. I have a major case of the blahs right now.  My motivation got up and went on vacation without me. Mid summer blahs?  Maybe.  Coloring my hair might help me feel brighter...
  2. Bruiser is loving his taste of school. This Step Ahead program is pretty great.  He's excited to go every morning and babbles incessantly about what he did and who he got to play with. The only down side is he now eats constantly when he get home. I'm not sure why he has such an appetite, but he does. Growth spurt, being busy, who knows...
  3. Turbo got rubber bands to got with his braces this week.  He was less than enthused.  I'm not sure why he dreaded rubber bands so much, but he really didn't want them. How ever, he has them now.
  4. Turbo has been reading Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief. On his own, from a real book. I'm so very thrilled that he likes it. He even likes reading in the car. When I can't read, that is.  He would totally prefer mom read out loud on trips.
  5. We have five weeks until school starts again. And the Back To School bombardment has begun.  Walmart is all set up with displays and the sales are starting.  If I start shopping now, I'll lose the stuff, or it will get used before school starts. Trying to wait until closer to the day. 
5 pictures:
Someone's ready for the zombie Apocalypse.

With my sweetie at Bull Riding.

Super Moon!
Even Batman goes to the dentist.

Growing up so quick.
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Spin Cycle Picnicking

I like the idea of having a picnic basket and going on idea picnics, but the ideal doesn't happen.  We do eat outside often though.  Side of the road picnics on our many road trips:

Spring Break 2012
Fall mountain dirt road jaunt.
There have been others--we will bust out the portable stove, or just do sandwiches.  It's fun and we love being in the mountains--especially the fall.  Few bugs, and good weather make for fun trips down the dirt roads to check out the sights. And for us the sights can include:

We are very lucky to live in a very beautiful part of the world.  WE try to get out to enjoy our greater "backyard" every chance we get.  We usually take food with us when we do and that results in "picnics" even if they aren't the basket of food kind of picnics.
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Second Blooming

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


My right shoulder has been bothering me for a few months--limited mobility, sore--just not good.  So I went to my chiropractor adn he has been working on it for a couple of sessions now.  Yesterday he Needled it:
Strangest thing I've ever had done, but it did help some.  I have a bit more mobility, but it's still pretty sore. Here's hoping that it gets better soon!
Stacy Uncorked

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Random Tuesday Musings

So.  It's Tuesday.  Which means this is a day when not much really happens. Mostly.  We will be busy today though.  Turbo heads to the orthodontist, I have a visit to the chiropractor (stupid shoulder this time), and we get to ready the camper for Nick's archery club 3D shoot this weekend.  We will all be up there at varying times this weekend.
And now the other reason Tuesday exists.  Random Tuesday of course:
  • Bruiser rocked his first day of Step Ahead.  It's a program to introduce Kindergarteners to school.  It runs for three weeks in the mornings and they feed them lunch too.  Bruiser was nervous the night before, but after I told him he would get to see some of his friends from preschool, he was much more excited about going.  Last night he went on and on about who he got to see and the new friends he was making.  Kindergarten is going to be much less scary now.
  • I love this:
  • And then there's this:
  •  I have cooked dinner two night's in a row.  That's a record for this summer.  Gunning for tonight to make it three.  It's so hard to face cooking when it's hot.  And a hot meal tastes so good.  I'm thinking more grilling might be in order.
  • Trying to figure out how to make peanut noodles for tonight without using fresh ginger, of which I have none at home. There might be an adjustment to tomorrow's menu.  I still need something quick and cool--swim lessons happen tomorrow night.
  • Pondering:
  • I want to get a pedometer.  I think adding a walk during the day once or twice might get me moving.  I prefer walking to running, swimming to walking, but getting it conveniently in the schedule is the challenge. Also, motivation. But having a step goal might help. 
 And on that note, I'll send you over to Stacy! She who is now Random Queen, or our fearless leader of the random!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Whirlwind and MMMM

We had a whirlwind kind of weekend here.  Bull riding, parades, carnival, street dances, we did it all. Not all at once, but still we were busy having fun.
Bruiser before the bull riding started.  After he was a bit freaked out.

There were some really good rides.

The rodeo clown was great--kept the audience laughing.

Saturday was all about the carnival.

Turbo was in red at the top row.

Turbo's first ferris wheel ride--with his mom.

Getting ready for the Silver Streak!
 Saturday morning Nick was involved in staging the parade.  They had over 100 entries, but the parade coordinator did a great job in keeping things organized. It did rain on the end of the parade, but people stuck it out to see the end of the parade, even if they did get wet.
Saturday evening we cruised the street dances, and had a late dinner.  It's really nice that we live within walking distance of downtown so it's easy to get down there and enjoy the festivities.
By Sunday we were more than ready to stay at home and be lazy.  Although I did get laundry done and even though our dishwasher gave up the ghost, I've been able to keep up with the dishes too. 

And now for MMMM:
This week it is your favorite country artist or rock & roll artist. I like some of both. So here we go:
Brad Paisley with Alcohol:

Kasey Musgraves with Blowin' Smoke:

And a throw back to my high school days: Bon Jovi with You Give Love a Bad Name:

Who are your favorite artists?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

More Camping Fun

Our Fourth did not include any fireworks this year.  Being in a national forest really puts a lid on that kind of fun, but we had other fun:

No pictures were taken, but we did have the four wheeler up with us and many bumbles down dirt roads were made.
Stacy Uncorked

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tuesday Randomness

And here we are at Tuesday.. Poor Tuesday, too far from the weekend and nothing else exciting about it.  But we get to random, so there's that!
  • Our dishwasher died. It was a scratch and dent floor model when we got it and very basic. It was cheap though.  And now it won't pump water.  I knew it wasn't going to last a whole lot longer.  The racks have been getting the rusty growths and losing some of the stand up thingies.  Sigh, it could have lasted a bit longer though. I was hoping for another 6 months to a year at least.
  • I have this at times:
  •  I'm thinking that I need a bit of thrift store shopping soon.  I also need to go through my closet and cull out what I'm not wearing. Out with the old, in with the new.
  • Poor Turbo caught a bug.  Most likely the flu.  He's miserable at home on the couch with Grandma and feverish.  Hopefully it's the 24 hour type and he's back on his feet tomorrow.
  • Bruiser had some fun with a seal sprinkler:
  •  Nick cleaned out the junk drawer.  A task that should be done once a year, but never really happens.  I think I did it when Bruiser was a baby , so 4-5 years ago?  Yeah, not that consistent with cleaning out the junk drawer.
  • This made me laugh:

  • And one last look at our camping trip:
So what's your random?
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