Monday, June 27, 2016

Back At It Monday

We had a fabulous weekend out at the lake.  Every one got more than enough sun, fun and lake time. I feel pretty good about myself.  I got enough sun screen on the boys that neither one is very sun burned. There are some patches, but overall not to bad.  Poor Bruiser, he had some troubles with the pollen and allergies, but we still had fun.

There was a lot of wind, and that made for some waves, but it was still fun.

Now for MMMM.  Freebie week so here's what's been rolling around in my head:
4 Non Blondes with What's Up:

Thomas Rhett with Vacation:

Brad Paisley with Water:
Have a lovely summer week!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Getting Better

So, things are getting better around here.  Nick is wearing real shoes again.  The gout seems to be abaiting, waning, going away, getting better, how ever you want to say it.  I'm doing a happy dance, it tough when the motivator is flat on his back and slowly going nuts watching to much Netflix.
Father's Day was really nice, Nick got to  smoke a couple of chickens and we had his parents over for dinner. 

All my guys.  Love them so much, even when they are goofy idiots.

Now for MMMM: Theme this week is summer time:
Fresh Prince and Summertime:

Bryan Adams with Summer of 69:

Alan Jackson with Chattahoochie:

Enjoy summer now thati s is here!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Music Monday

So here we are at another Monday. This last weekend was a quiet one for us.  We watched a friends itty bitty chihuahua. The boys were totally in love with him by the time he was picked up. 
Nick kept his foot up and just tried to let it heal more. I did got yard saling and found a few things, but really there wasn't many to go see and I wasn't looking for anything specific. 
We did get a couple of spectacular thunderstorms.  Nick loves watching weather.
Hopefully next weekend we can be slightly more active.  As long as Nick's foot continues to improve, we should be able to take a small road trip for Father's day.  I can hope anyway.

MMMM this week is a freebie:
Dierks Bentley with It's Different for Girls:

Kip Moore with Running for You:

William Michael Morgan with I Met a Girl:
Enjoy the music!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Random Tuesday--Summer is Here!

Hello all!  Or the few who still hit me up, I'm admittedly not the most dedicated blogger right now. but anyhow, here is some random for today:
  • So far our summer plans for the boys have been working out well.  Turbo is doing his chores before getting lost in a video game haze.  Bruiser has been having fun at Papa and Nana's house.  Yes, it's only been a week, but I'm optimistic.
  • I've been exercising regularly.  I think it's helping, but it's slow going.  They say slow and steady is the way to go, so I'll keep at it.
  • The pollen has been ridiculous around here the last couple of days.  We have a black car.  Yesterday it was mostly yellow from the pollen.  My sinuses hate me. Or the pollen. and the cottonwood trees are doing their thing and the cotton has started flying too. Joy.

  • I am doing better at the meal planning and the execution of said meal plans.  As in i have been cooking dinner and getting most of the house to eat it.  Bruiser is in a particularly picky stage with his eating right now.  I swear the kid would live on chicken fingers and cheetos if I let him.
Now on to the Coffe Chat:
“Summer Bucket List!!! You don’t want to have a cruel summer, so time to plan all the .”
  1. Camping. Really looking forward to camping.
  2. Lake time with the Kayaks.
  3. Mountian time with the four wheelers.
  4. Our annual summer road trip.  This year we are headed to Durango, Colorado.  
  5. Some yard work.
  6. Barbecues with friends. 
  7. Take time to enjoy the season.
That seems to be a good list.  I'm looking forward to documenting our adventures this summer.
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Monday, June 6, 2016

Bleeping Monday

OK, OK, so it's not that bad it's Monday, but I really could have used the sleep in time the weekend gives me.  But over all it was a good weekend.
Saturday, Bruiser had a birthday party to attend in the neighborhood park.  The weather cooperated beautifully with sunny skies and warm temps.  Since the party utilized the splash pad, this was a good thing. Bruiser had a blast.  I even got enopugh sun screen on him to prevent a sunburn--Go Me!
I accomplished the laundry, even the pesky towels.  Everything is clean and mostly put away.  I feel pretty good about that.
I also attacked the living room and rearranged the furniture.  Rearranging the furniture is the best way to clean behind said furniture.  I sucked up several dust dinosaurs and tons of crumbs. The living room looks pretty great and we now have room for a new chair. So shopping!

Nick's gout is reducing daily.  Sunday evening, for the first time in a week, the swelling was down. It's still sensitive, but getting better. 

And now for MMMM:  this week is Opposites Attract, as in one song about rain, one song about sunshine, good time and bad times, etc.  So, here goes:
Kenny Chesney with Shiftwork:

Dirks Bentley with Somewhere On a Beach:
Have a good week!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Summer Vacation Random

So, Summer Vacation has started here.  The weather is not very summer like, but the vacation part of summer has begun. 

  • We think we have a handle on keeping the boys out of trouble and occupied this summer. Turbo gets chores before he can turn on the video games and some mandatory time outside--riding bikes, walking the dog, hanging out with friends, spending time with Papa and Nana, that sort of thing.
  • Bruiser will be spending time with Papa and Nana.  We also have cousins who will be spending time with them and a friend who has agreed to drag the boys to the trails outside of town for some hiking this summer too.
  • Nick got attacked by gout last week and is still dealing with the aftermath an the pain.  He has always been sympathetic to my kidney stone issues, but I think he has a new appreciation with the trouble is foot has been giving him the last few days.
  • We did get to have a lovely time out at the lake this weekend.  First time with all of us and the boats at a local lake:

  • We all got sun and had a fabulous time.  We are looking forward to many more adventures of this sort.
So all in all not a bad weekend.  Not great as Nick spent more of it uncomfortable than feeling good, but we muddled through. all we can do is hope for better days to come.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Random Tuesday Time

Yep, it's Tuesday.  Time for some randoms:
  • OK, so yesterday was truly a Monday. The weather decided to be more like winter, no snow, but chilly and cloudy. Nick caught a cold and felt all miserable. 
  • However, I did get my laundry folded.  Win for me.  It's even mostly put away. OK, so I have towels to wash, but they don't really count.  All the clothes are folded.  Go me!
  • I love Bruiser, but he is forgetful.  And a picky eater.  Making a sack lunch for him is challenging.  I have to paln ahead. So it's not a good thing when I get a call from him about needing a lunch and he's already at school.  I hope he eats the Lunchable, grapes, and Cheetos I got him from Loaf & Jug.  Yep, today I was that mom.  The one who feeds her kid with premade (processed) food.  He just so picky.  Won't eat sandwiches, which takes out a whole huge part of the sack lunch equation.  Picks at most foods unless hot.  Could live on chicken fingers and nuggets exclusively. Love him to death, but feeding him is not fun.
  • Tomorrow is Turbo's birthday.  He turns 13. We will officially have a teenager. His voice has been cracking, he has had minor acne, he's nearly as tall as me, his feet are almost as big as Nick's, yep, he's totally turning teenager on us.  The only thing he hasn't really started yet, is eating us out of house and home. Not quite sure I'm ready to feed a teenage boy.
Have a great week all!
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Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday Dancing

Yeah, so we had a pretty good weekend.  It was beautiful here on Saturday.  I detailed both vehicles and they look so nice on the inside now.  It's always wonderful to get in a clean car.
The only down side is I jacked up my right shoulder sometime between Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.  I'm not sure if I slept wrong or if I did something while cleaning the cars out, but it sure hurts now. So there is a chiropractor in my future. Hopefully that will make it all better.

Nick made sure to take advantage of the sunshine and took the kayaks out for a paddle with Turbo:

They had a good time and were done before the dreaded wind picked up. All in all a great way to kick off the almost summer season.
Yes, almost summer vacation here.  The boys have one week of school left and then next week an extra half day to make up for the snow day/no electricity day. We are probably going to call the boys in sick so we don't have to send them that day.  Even the teachers are none too happy to lose a half day of clean up in the classrooms. But after that, summer vacation. Not that it looks all that summery out.  Sure doesn't feel all that summery out there.

Any how, on to the MMMM.  50s and 60s stuff today:
The Big Bopper with Chantilly Lace:

Chuck Berry with Johnny B. Goode:
Little Eve with Locomotion:

Love this era.  Was some of the first rock I listened to as it was the music of my mother's youth.  Hearing it makes me feel a bit nostalgic and makes me miss my mom just a bit more.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Yeah, so lets get random in here:
  • I love spring in Wyoming.  It's the shortest season going.
  • We have snow on the ground again. And more falling from the sky.  Spring keeps on teasing us then letting winter back.
  • Truly, Mother Nature needs to stop with the mood swings.
  • But hey, the weather man says by this weekend we should reach 70.  I'm planning on detailing the vehicles and doing laundry.  High goals, but the laundry isn't self cleaning or folding so it has to be done. Then I can bask in the fact that it's all done for like a total of 20 seconds.  
  • As for the vehicle detailing, I kind of enjoy that.  They car and the truck look so good when I'm done and they are all ready for summer road trips. We hope to be doing plenty of road trips this summer.
And that about does it for random this week.
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Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday Thinking and MMMM

So after a fairly quiet weekend, here I am back a the grind. Well, it not much of a grind, but I really would rather be home on this rainy Monday curled up on my couch with a cup of warm tea and a good book.
Turbo has read four books in a series and he is eagerly awaiting the fifth book.  Such a turn around for my reading phobic boy.  I guess it really is all about finding the right story to grab someone and get them reading.  He even stayed up late reading this weekend. Sigh, makes my reading heart feel so good.
We had a wonderful Saturday evening cook out with friends--burgers on the grill, so good.  We even had sunshine for the day.  Remarkable considering that it was university graduation and for the last few years we have had snow.
It was mostly a lazy weekend for us.  I did get Turbo's clothes sorted and all the too small stuff put away for his brother to grow into. Spring cleaning is happening in fits and starts. If the weather cooperates next weekend it will be laundry and car detailing. Got to get the vehicles ready for summer road trips.

And now for MMMM:  Freebie week so lets see what hit our fancy:
Zac Brown Band with Castaway:

Brad Paisley with Demi Lovato with Without a Fight:

 Keith Urban with Wasted Time:

Have a good week all!



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