Friday, April 18, 2014

Confess Sessh

Time to do a little bit of confessing. After all it is Friday and Easter is speeding toward us at an alarming rate.
  • I swam again last night.
  • It Felt pretty good.
  • Now if only it would help the hips reduce.
  • Turbo leaves on Tuesday/
  • We have a lot of packing to do this weekend.
  • The Easter Bunny is totally not ready for his visit.
  • Hopefully we can remedy that this afternoon.
  • It's tough to think of things to get kids when they aren't asking for anything.
  • Well, except for things the Easter Bunny can't bring--like Lego Death Stars.
  • Our weather has been improving--but I know it will snow again--probably a couple more times at least.
  • There have been flying objects around our house:
The blur with lights is the helicopter in front of Nick.
  •  He doesn't do too bad with the flying, but sometimes you do need to dodge.
  • Im thinking we need a drive out of town soon.  
  • I might just have Nick take us for a drive Sunday afternoon.
  • We will most likely see plenty of snow, but the drive will do us good.
Other than Easter, do you have any plans for the weekend?  Or is Easter stuff all you want to do?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spin Cycle: Easter

Easter has always been  family holiday.  We do the traditional dying of eggs with the boys and have the grands over for a meal--be it breakfast or dinner. It's a nice day for us to remember family and relax. 
Some of our Easters past:
2008--the last year before Bruiser was around.
Turbo is 4 here.

Egg hunting

Basket from Papa and Nana.
Garden tools.
Easter at Papa and Nana's

First Easter he was mobile.
Dying eggs.
This year we will dye eggs with the boys and then have a breakfast with the grands. The rest of the day is a day to enjoy being lazy.
What do you do for Easter?
Spin it up and link up with Gretchen and Ginny Marie, they would love to have you!

Second Blooming

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

FAQ at the Jones House

Frequently Asked Questions around our house:
  1. What can I do?  Frequently combined with I'm bored.  They never really want the suggestions I give them, such as clean your room, read a book, go clean up after the dogs, clean up the attic/playroom.  Yeah, chores are not what they are looking for.
  2. Can I play video games?  This is what they really mean when they say they are bored. sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes the answer is no.  The no answer happens more often than they would like.
  3. What's for dinner? the response to this question is met with varying degrees of enthusiasm.  If asked by me to Nick a discussion of what to actually have will ensue.  Meal planning has reduced the drama this used to cause.  If asked by one of the boys to me, well the response could be yum, I like that or yuck!  Bruiser is far pickier than Turbo right now.  Making a meal that he approves of and that the rest of us will eat is challenging.
  4. Can I have a snack?  This one depends on the proximity to a meal. Bruiser will ask for a snack right after finishing breakfast or lunch.  The kid would snack all day if we let him.
  5. Where are we going?  Often asked when we head out for road trips.  If I'm feeling ornery I'll tell the boys we are going crazy and they don't have a choice, they're coming with me.  Other times we make them guess, and sometimes we just say enjoy the ride.
  6. What movie do we want to watch?  This one causes much drama.  Bruiser doesn't like "scary" movies, Turbo likes a wide variety, I have moods about movies and Nick will watch anything, as long as it's not been watched too recently. Sometimes we tell Bruiser to just deal with the movie selected.  Often, he will start playing with his toys about 15-20 minutes in anyway.
  7. Where is my....? Fill in the blank.  The guys lose stuff all the time.  They are also less than effective at finding things.  Mom to the rescue more often than not.  Mom has amazing abilities to find the lost stuff.
  8. What's the weather supposed to be like today?  Often asked by Nick, before he checks his phone on his own, recently asked by Turbo so he can gauge what to wear to school.
  9. Will you make...? Turbo has been asking for Lo Mein for dinner, but both boys will ask me to make things like banana bread, strawberries and cream, chicken with the bone in it. It's gratifying to know they mostly like what I cook.
  10. And most recently from Bruiser: Why do I have to go to bed, it's not dark yet?! This one will be harder to answer as the days get longer.  We may invoke more nap times this summer, cause the kid is cranky without his sleep. He tries so hard to keep up with Turbo.
So there are some of the frequently asked questions around our house.  Do you get the same questions?  Or do you get other equally frequent questions?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Time to Random

Cause it's Tuesday!  So let's random!
  • I got to see the eclipse last night.  Gotta love the middle of the night bathroom trips.  At least with this one I got to see the moon looking all dark and stuff.
Not my picture, but about what the moon looked like last night when I saw it.
  •  My toe is a wonderful rainbow of colors.  Most likely broken, and causing me to hobble around and generally curse beer bottles. Swimming might be intersting tonight.
  • We spent last evening watching old movies.  From the 1930s.  Short mystery movies. We've got 50 of them to get through.  We borrowed a set from Nick's dad. Nick and I really like watching old movies.  Classics of you will, in the sense that these are old, not so much that they are great examples of cinema. But we find them fun. The kids don't really care for them--they are black and white and not funny so it's a no go for them.
  • I need some really good chocolate.  Maybe I should ask the Easter Bunny to bring me the really good dark chocolate turtles.
  • And some wine to go with them.
  • This:
So got any good random?  Link up with Stacy!
She who is now Random Queen, or our fearless leader of the random!

Monday, April 14, 2014


OK, so the weekend was pretty good, barring certain occurrences.  We hung out, stayed warm, watched movies, and generally relaxed.  It was good.  Excemtp for the part where...Wait, let me get it all in order.
Friday night the boys had a sleep over at the grandparents house.  Nick and I cruised over to Cheyenne and ended up buying a new faucet for the kitchen.  It's awesome and so much better than the old one. We came home (fastest trip to Cheyenne ever) and stopped and got steaks at the store and some salad stuff and went home and grilled.  I didn't do dishes til the next morning, so it counts--someone else cooked and I didn't have to do dishes Friday night.
Saturday morning, I sorted and started laundry and then grocery shopped. The boys came home and in the afternoon we went and rented movies: The Hobbit, the Desolation of Smaug, Thor: The Dark World, Frozen, and for Nick, The Hunger Games. Movie fest was on.
We watched movies for the rest of the weekend, Nick put my new faucet in, he helped bunches with the laundry. Sunday afternoon, we were watching the first Hobbit movie in preparation for the second one and I was getting lunch fo the kids and us.  Bruiser wanted a sandwich instead of pizza and when I went to get the lunch meat out a full bottle--large bottle--of beer fell out of the fridge and landed on my middle toe. I think I might have broken that toe.  It's all sorts of lovely colors right now. I saw stars and may have said some unfortunate words. Way to end a weekend.
On the bright side the movies were good.  I really think the Hobbit was kind of miss named--the dragon should have died for it to be the desolation.  What we saw was good, but they really just pissed the dragon off, they didn't desolate him.

And now we will wait a year for the third part as we probably won't get to the theater to see it at Christmas.
I really liked that Frozen acknowledged that love comes in all sorts--true love can be romantic love or family love.  That was pretty cool.
So have you seen anything good recently?

Now for MMMM.  It's a freebie week so let's see, what shall we listen to today?
Let's have some fun: 

Smash Mouth: All Star

Barenaked Ladies: One Week

Lou Bega: Mambo No. 5

Just a bit of fun to start the week with a smile.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Follies

Or confessions, whichever.
Made it through another week.  Friday is here.  Now to make it to going home time and all will be well with the universe. Or our little corner of it.
Confession time:
  • We get a night out tonight!
  • Boys are going to the grandparents.
  • For an over night.
  • We are going to run away.
  • Sort of.
  • We are heading to the bigger town 45 minutes away form our town.
  • We are going to hit Home Depot to look at kitchen faucets and possibly gas stoves.
  • The gas stove is a window shop sort of thing.
  • We really want one, but it's not yet in the budget.
  • We are getting a snow storm this weekend.
  • Yep, more snow for us.
  • I sort of swam this week for exercise.
  • I don't have a cap or goggles, so I was limited to kicking, breast stroke and side stroke. 
  • Got a decent work out though, about 700 yards.
  • Turbo moved up to level 8 and Bruiser will test to move up to level 3 next week. 
  • They're fish, slippery, fast learning fish.
  • Easter is creeping up very quickly.
  • We are not too sure what we are doing for the boys for Easter.
  • Oh, the bunny will come, but what he brings is still up in the air.
  • I started reading Dan Brown's Inferno.
  • It's holding my interest, but he goes off on exploratory tangents that really interrupt the story.
  • I find myself skimming the back story.  
  • I'll pay more attention on the re-read.
So what's up with you? Got anything to confess?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spin Cycle: Cats and Dogs

I have always had a pet--cat or dog.  I prefer cats, but enjoy dogs too.  Since I moved in with Nick we have had a succession of pets.  It started with smuggling a cat into our first apartment.  We weren't able to keep Chuckie--yes Chuckie, after the possessed doll--because he howled when we weren't home and we got "busted" for having him.  I took him home to stay with my mom.  We called him Chuckie because we would roll over in the middle of the night and find him staring at our heads as if he was preparing to attack. It was slightly unnerving.
Our next cat came a few months later, in the same apartment building, but she was quiet and the landlords let us get away with having her.
Tinkerbell as a kitten

She was fascinated by the fish.

Never much of an outdoor cat, she liked the idea, but not the actual outsideness of it all.
Tinkerbell was a rescue cat and she lived with us for 16 years.  She played a mean game of fetch, could freeze the biggest guy in place by sitting on his knee and was dubbed Mean Kitty by most of our friends.  She had a habit of sitting on a knee and being fine until one tried to pet her. She also hated when we moved.  She would have been happy to stay in that first tiny one bedroom apartment Nick and I had when we got her.  After that when ever boxes came out she freaked.
Our next pet was a dog.  Nick had a friend who had puppies and Nick got to pick his puppy.  Tascha joined our family in November of 1996.

She had kidney troubles and left us in 2005. Nick loved her.  Her quirks were hating loud bangs, such as gun shots and fireworks.  She also hated cattle guards and would bark furiously when we passed over one. We still remember her when ever we pass over a cattle guard going done a dirt road.
Next to join the Jones family was Piper.  We got her the spring before we got married in 1998. She is still with us and very much a cat.

She must have fresh water in her bowl so she doesn't have to share with the dogs. I am also magic and can make water appear in an "empty" bowl by nudging the bowl to make the water move.  She likes to drink by dipping a paw in and daintily licking it dry--this is effectively used when drinking out of the toilet too.
Next to join the menagerie was Guinness in 2001.  A collie lab mix dog.  A little dumb, a lot neurotic about keeping us together, he fit right into the household.
He's getting old now at 13, he's slow to move, but still quite the herder.  He hates when we are not all together, but now will begrudgingly play with the newest pet, Thullee.

Yeah, we are pet people, not necessarily only dog or cat people.  They both have their perks and down sides. Dogs are under foot, slobbery and hairy.  Cats can puke right where you will step, only want attention at the worst possible moment, and they shed too. Wouldn't be without either.

Are you a cat person or dog person or both?  Spin it up and go see Gretchen and Ginny Marie, they would love to have you!

Second Blooming

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

33 Things That Make Me Happy

Some times I have a hard time remembering the things that I have to be happy about.  This is a list that I need to keep in mind.  Things that make me happy.
  1. Impulsive boy hugs.
  2. Little boy snuggles.
  3. Hearing "I Pooped!" from Bruiser (Like you have no idea).
  4. Road trips.
  5. Swim Lessons.
  6. Routines.
  7. Warm Sunshine.
  8. Girl's Nights
  9. A new book from a favorite author.
  10. Time to read a book.
  11. A warm bed.
  12. New pajamas
  13. A dinner 100% of the family likes.
  14. New Big Bang Theory Episodes.
  15. LOL Cats.
  16. Camping trips.
  17. The first shower after a camping trip.
  18. The greeting Thullee give us when we come home, get up in the morning, sometimes leave the room and come back. Full body wiggles and a toy in the mouth so he can sing us his song of loneliness.
  19. Seeing the fun the boys have creating forts.
  20. Friday at going home time.
  21. A clean kitchen.
  22. Baked goods.
  23. Nap time, for me.
  24. A good night's sleep.
  25. Good music.
  26. Time hanging out with friends.
  27. A comfy chair to read in.
  28. A snuggly blanket--I get cold all the time, even in summer.
  29. Shopping, any kind--thrift store, clearance, sales, house stuff, kid stuff, Christmas-really any shopping, even window shopping.
  30. Movie Nights, themed or not.
  31. A good beer or glass of wine after a long day.
  32. Knowing that phone upgrade time is the end of the month. We both really need an upgrade from the phones we have right now.  So knowing upgrade time is coming is nice.
  33. These guys make me very happy:
Yeah, that's a good list to keep in mind.  What makes you happy?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


So, we survived an overly interesting Monday. And now it's Tuesday, so let's random up the place:
  • Nick got his first aura associated with a migraine yesterday. At least we hope that's what he got. He started seeing a streak of multicolored lightening in his right eye.  We went to the eye doctor so they could make sure it wasn't a detached retina.  No sign of that, but he will go back in a month for another check.
  • The friend I watch country music award shows is back in town.  Tonight we will watch the ACMs and enjoy a glass or two of wine. I record it so we can skip commercials, acceptance speeches and such. We have fun critiquing the dresses worn and the performers.  Looking forward to it.
  • This:
  • We have some movies to catch up on--the Hobbit comes out today.  Weather pending and if it's available, we will rent it this weekend.  If the weather is fantastic, we will be out enjoying it, but chances and the weatherman say it's going to get crappy by Saturday. Whee, spring in Wyoming.
  • Turbo leaves for his trip to the Teton Science School in two weeks.  He will be gone for four days. He's pretty excited about this trip.  It's his first trip away for multiple nights without a family member. I'm going to miss him, but he will have a blast.
  • Turbo's birthday is creeping up quickly.  It will be over Memorial weekend and he's not sure what he want to do.  He'd like to have a swim party and sleepover, but we have told him he only gets to choose one of those options. Decisions, decisions.
  • Nick has also challenged Turbo to a video game free 30 days.  Turbo has decided that he will try it in May, with an exception made for his birthday.  If he succeeds, he wins money to spend as he wishes. May just might be an interesting month--or he will drive me to distraction.
So what random do you have today?  Link it up with Stacy--she who is now Random Queen, or our fearless leader of the random!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Not Ready For Monday and MMMM

I'm really not ready for Monday.  We had a busy weekend adn lots of fun, but I could use a day to sleep. All right, I would really sleep the whole thing away, but it sounds nice.
Friday night we hung out with the kiddos and made them watch Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III.  Nick and I have issues with Jurassic Park Two. It was just too awful to even own. We made home made calzones and had a pretty nice evening.
Saturday dawned early--the dog thought that getting up at 6 was a fabulous idea.  I was less impressed with the idea. We got the normal chores out of the way and then cleaned house.  We were having company over and it was time to shake the winter dust off everything.  Our house looked great when we were done.
We took the kids and dogs to the park, even though it kept trying to snow on us.

We had a cousin over for a sleep over and our friends came over for dinner.  Grilled BBQ Chicken legs and thighs.  Dinner was oh, so good.
We vegged out on Sunday.  Papa had a birthday lunch we all went to and then I took a nap while Nick brewed beer. The boys played video games and we didn't do a whole lot else. It was a really good weekend.

Now for MMMM:  This week the theme is Songs about weather or with weather in the titles.
The Eurythmics: Here Comes the Rain Again

Joe Nichols: Sunny and 75

Scorpions: Winds of Change

So there is a rather eclectic selection of weather songs for this chilly Monday. We woke up to snow on the ground.  Not lots but enought o make every thing slick.  Fun, no?


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