Monday, July 30, 2018


So, we had a vacation.  Seven days in Orlando, five of which we spent enjoying Disney World.  Two days were mostly travel days.
Travel to Orlando was a seven hour delayed adventure.  Our flight was first delayed due to storms in Orlando, then when they finally got clearance to fly, the plane was broken.  So, new plane then we needed a new crew.  Then new catering, cause we can't have food that was sitting four hours waiting for us to have clear weather. So yeah, we landed in Orlando at 1:00am. We were supposed to arrive there at 6:30. We hit our room at the resort at 2:30am.
We were up and going the next morning and at Epcot by 8:45am. We hit it hard and really didn't stop until we got home.  We did Epcot, Typhoon Lagoon, The Animal Kingdom, Blizzard Beach, Hollywood Studios, and The Magic Kingdom.  We enjoyed fast passes and didn't wait in a line for longer than 45 minutes our entire trip. I think we did just about everything the boys would have wanted to and we had fairly decent weather for the week we were there. Oh, it rained, but never for long while we were out in it. The boys got pool time and ride time and we all came back feeling very vacationed.

We have tons of other pictures of our adventures and so much more to share from our trip.  I think I'll spread it ou over the next few days so I don't over whelm anyone.

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  1. Sorry for all your delays but it seems like you were able to cram a whole lot of activity in your time left! Cant wait to hear details! What a great vacation! As an ex-work traveler: I do not miss airports and delays! HA


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