Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Tuesday Random Time

So, It's Tuesday and that means time for some random observations.  So here goes:
  • Saw this scrolling around Facebook.  As a geologist we can always find more rocks.
  • I got Nick a weather station for Christmas and we all geek out over it a bit.  It has a lightening detector that shows how many strikes in the last 48 hours and the distance to the last one. It's kind of cool to know how far away the strikes were.
  • Our cat has become fascinated by the garage.  In the new house we have an attached garage.  She loves to dart in there and "hunt" ants. Or stare at them with high levels of fascination.
  • My fourth post ever was about being the finder in the house.  this sums it up perfectly:
  • I love that Nick is handy. he is great at doing those little projects around the house.  Last night he put in a shelf for the cat to watch the birds from.

  • The cat loves the new bench.  She was bird watching this morning as the birds raided the feeder we put out.
 So there you have it, my random for the week. Have a great week!

1 comment:

  1. What is it about some people just not being able to find things! My sweetie cannot see anything he is looking for, either.

    The fact that your husband is handy around the house would make up for not being able to find things. Would that mine had that ability.

    Enjoy your rock collection!


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