Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Tuesday Randoms

So here we are at another Tuesday.  The weeks do march on. Let's get the party going:
  • Bruiser's favorite phase is "If I'm correct..." He says it all the time and prefaces most of his statements with it.  It's a bit odd coming out of a nine year old.  Makes him sound about 40.
  • We think we have a feral cat living in the massive juniper bush in the back yard.  He's orange and large. I haven't seen him, but Nick and Turbo have. We cut back part of the juniper this weekend, Nick called it a sun porch for Garfield. With the discovery of a couple of very old (predating us) dog toys, it was time for the juniper to be subdued. I think I might be allergic to the juniper.  It gave me some irritated red bumps and scraps.
  • Last night the boys went and raced (well, recreation class racing, so nothing intense) a local mountain bike club race.  It was called the Fat Fish Racing summer circuit. This race was the Maze Craze.  They had a lot of fun. I went along for moral support and was the cheering section.  I was also in charge of pictures.

  • I must say I miss the temperatures in Laramie.  It never got much over 90 there and then only for a few days.  Here we hit the 90s+ almost regularly. At least it cools off at night still here, maybe not as much, but it does cool off.
  • We are still unsure of our exact plans for tomorrow, the 4th of July, but water, our kayaks and plenty of sun are definitely involved.
Everyone have a wonderful 4th of July!


  1. That race does look like fun. Hope you have a fabulous Independence Day!

  2. Love the favorite phrase!! That would be hilarious coming from a nine year old! That race looked really fun but it would be tough with that heat! Happy 4th! Annster's Domain


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