Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Random Tuesday time! Survived a Monday and now to knock out the rest of the week.  Let's spread around the random and see where it gets us:

  • Coming back from our trip I managed to catch a cold.  Airplane travel is no fun and summer colds are even worse.

  • The boys had a blast at the water parks at Disney World.  All three of them did the 120 foot plunge at Blizzard Beach.  I got pictures of Turbo taking the plunge.

That's Turbo way at the top as he started down.

Here he is just finishing his plunge.

  • Killing time in airports is almost worse than killing time on airplanes. During our prolonged travel, the wifi in the airport in Denver was helpful, but we did get a few rounds of Mad Libs in with the boys.  It got laughs and passed some time. (A thought just crossed my mind--Mad Libs are the predecessor of Cards Against Humanity. They work about the same, just with a more prescribed outcome for Cards.)

  • We were smart and planned out a few days to recover from the trip when we got back.  Laundry, groceries and just plain recovery from the trip in general. You know you have vacationed when you need a vacation from your vacation.
  • Next time we do a big vacation I demand that a beach and ocean be involved. I want to sit on a beach and also be able to snorkle and collect shells. A cabana boy bringing me drinks would be a bonus.
And with that, I hope everyone has a wonderful week.  Tomorrow there will be more vacation fun shared!


  1. What a fun family time! That plunge looks totally awesome!!! Hugs

  2. Last time I was at DW, I don't think all three water parks were built. I wonder how new they are. It's been 10 years since I was there. I love it though. That slide looks super fun!


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