Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What's something in your house you'd like to get rid of but can't?
Since we just moved, there is not a lot of extraneous stuff hanging around right now. There are still boxes to unpack but not as many as you would think. Since we spent 9 months moving, we moved and unpacked as we went.  Got rid of most of the extras as we went as well.

2. When is the last time you experienced a sense of nostalgia? Elaborate.
Well, this sounds kind of awful, but at the liquor store there is a new beer: a Baies Ameres Saison Chokecherry.  It made me remember the chokecherry wine my mother used to make. Made me a bit nostalgic for my mother and picking chokecherries.  We always went on my birthday, the end of August because they were ripe by then.

3. You're only allowed three apps on your smart phone or tablet...which three do you keep?
Facebook is a given. NOAA Weather app and Google maps.  The weather is something we check regularly.  Google maps is necessary so I know where I'm going.

4. July 11th is National Blueberry Muffin Day. Who knew? Do you like blueberry muffins? If you were going to have a muffin would blueberry be your choice? What's the last thing you baked?
I do like blueberry muffins, but am less into homemade ones. If I had to choose, I prefer Almond Poppy seed muffins.  The last thing I baked was macaroni and Cheese just last night, from scratch.  It was very tasty!

5. What's the biggest way you've changed since you were a child? In what way are you still the same?
I will speak up for my self more often than I did as a child.
I still am an avid reader.  I am always reading and have been since I was about 9.

6. Insert your own random thought here.
In our new town there are a few thrift stores I need to go check out.  I have yet to see what they have other than checking them out online.  There is also a consignment shop to go visit. I have to admit I will miss the consignment store in our old town, it was large and had a wonderful selection for the boys.  I liked shopping there too.
I need to go see what the local shops have. Especially since back to school will be coming soon.


  1. I was just thinking about back to school shopping; getting to be about that time!

  2. I have found that moving is a great way to purge unwanted items from my household. Love it, despite the work! I also loved your answers to #5 - both fit me to a T.

  3. We will be moving at some point and I'm looking forward to getting rid of things. I picked my camera, text messages and Google maps. Almond poppy seed sound like a great. I never was an avid reader but I buy books and have hundreds on my app. One day I will start....LOL! I do love the pleasure that books give to us. Thanks for stopping over.


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