Friday, June 10, 2011

Confession Time!

So it's time to confess it all.  Well, maybe all, or some of it or really what ever you feel you need to so your conscience doesn't bug you.  Sometimes confessing will make that little annoying voice shut up, sometimes it doesn't, but here we go anyway:
  • I feel bad about not really visiting anyone last week.
  • But being flat out with a sinus infection/flu thing doesn't lead to very coherent comments.
  • to top it all off, Nick was out of town so I had me very little back up.
  • the Grandparents helped as much as they could, but I was still on my own, sick, with two active boys.
  • To make it even worse Mother Nature decided that we needed lovely weather as well.
  • Yeah, I spent the whole of the last week looking out the window at the nice weather.
  • My kitchen stove is a disaster.
  • No energy to clean will do that.
  • But even sick I did get the laundry done.
  • Except for the towels, they're sitting in the dryer still.
  • Nick is home!
  • I'm so happy.
  • So are the boys.
  • I'm on antibiotics.
  • I'm horrible at remembering to take them.
  • I think I'm going to do that most horrible of things and go swim suit shopping.
  • For a two piece.
  • And hopefully it has less material than the last suit I bought.
Well that about covers my confessions for this week.  Go see the fabulous Mamarazzi and confess for yourself.



  1. Good luck bathing suit shopping! Is there anyone out there that genuinely enjoys that task?

  2. I'm bad about taking antibiotics too. When I last had to, it was this 6 pill dose: two on the first day then one each day after. THAT I could handle! Happy Friday.

  3. Ouch. I hope shopping will cheer you up a bit. Though swimming suit can be tricky, even in the best of circumstances.

    This week feels jinxed somehow.

  4. lol im NOT sick and my towels are still in the dryer HAHA

  5. With my surgery scars, I have a tough time shopping for swimsuits, but this past week one I ordred came in and I was SO excited! LOVE IT!

    Here's hoping you feel better so you can enjoy this beautiful weather with your boys!

  6. that sucks, I was sick last week to so I know how you feel

    Glad Nick is home, and hopefully you are on the mend

  7. I have not worn a bathing suit since I was a senior in high school....about 18 years ago! YIKES!! Good luck!

  8. i'm finally starting to feel better. being sick can suck it.

  9. I hope swimsuit shopping for you is much less painful than it is for me! And hope you're feeling better.

  10. You poor girl! I hope you're feeling better!

    Swimsuit shopping is torture!! All stores should be required to have flattering lighting and skinny mirrors!

    Have a great weekend!!!

  11. A week? Don't guilt yourself. Blogs are guilt free fun. I am getting back up and around after an near year off.

  12. Hope you feel better soon!! :(

  13. Did someone say swimsuit shopping?! Whew ok, you're going not me. I was nervous for a sec ;)

  14. swim suit shopping is so stressful... that is why when I find a suit I like, I usually buy it in several colors....and stock up to avoid future shopping.... feel better!

  15. I agree with Pseudo - blogs should be a guilt-free zone :)

    I was just saying to a friend today how much I'm enjoying this summer compared to this time last year, when I was 9 months pregnant. It's especially unfortunate to not be feeling your best when you can see out your window that you're missing a beautiful day.

    Hope you're back to yourself soon!

  16. Being sick is the pits, being sick and still getting the laundry done is award worthy!


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