Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Random Thoughts--A Tuesday Tradition

So, it's Tuesday.  That means random thoughts with Keely.  Oh, wait, She's new jobbing and running and still taking haitus from Random Thoughts so we get to join Stacy, who is leading the rebellion.  And enjoying her glass of wine at the same time.
And now to random:
  • And I've drawn a complete blank.  There is no random flowing.
  • Umm, hmmm...Oh yeah!
  • Bruiser absolutely loves being outside.  It does not matter what we are doing outside, as long as he's outside all is right with his world.
  • Bruiser plays fetch better than the dog does.  
  • Turbo is half-heartedly learning how to ride his bike.  He really feels about his bike much like Calvin did from Calvin and Hobbs.  He just knows that the bike is out to get him.  We have said that he needs to learn how to ride before the end of the summer.  He's getting there, slowly.
image from google images

  • I'm so waiting for cherries to come down in price.  Nothing says summer to me like cherries.
  • We are heading to the mountains to see how much snow is still up there this afternoon.  The highway over the mountains is closed for the winter and they usually open it by Memorial day.  This year there was so much snow that they didn't get the road open until like a week ago--almost two weeks later than normal. 
  • Nick has accused me of being an Eeyore recently--and I guess I have not been really positive.  It's hard to be perky when you feel lousy.  I'm trying--this last weekend helped.
All right, that's it for my random, go see Keely Stacy for the other random today--go on, go!


    1. i associate cherries with summer too - i love fresh cherries but you are right, they are costly and i watch for them to go on sale too!

    2. Whew, y'all sure do have mountains! It must be awesome, too. Stopping by from Random Tuesday Thoughts. I hope the weather has stablized for you there. It's surely warm enough for us here in the Tennessee Valley.

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      The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

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    3. i'm not a fan of cherries. G loves outside too.

    4. yum cherries now Im going to have to go to the store and get me some! Good luck with the bike riding :)

    5. I wonder if there's still snow on the mountains up north, I didn't see many traces of it when we went camping a couple weeks ago but we weren't in the true High Peaks. It's a scary thought, but I'm sure there's still some up there.

      Who doesn't love being outside when it's so nice out?!? He'll become friends with that bike in no time I'm sure.

    6. I have cherry trees (sweet and sour cherries) here. I am patiently waiting for them to be picked so I can make a pie...

    7. Cherries=Summer but not when they are $4.99 a pound. I am with you!

      I remember my little brother coming home all bruised and scratched up one day and we asked him what happened, he told us, "My bike threw me!" Good luck to Turbo!

    8. Well I'd say you had good reasons to feel that way.

      There is so much pressure for kids to learn things within a certain time-frame but eventually it all works out for most and nobody asks if they learned it at 3 or 13.

    9. My kid loves cherries, but at 6.99 a pound, I'm kind of like, "Can't you love something a little cheaper, instead?"

      I hope you'll get to feeling better soon :)

    10. I wish that I could just hop in the car and take a ride to the mountains... that's pretty cool!! I have no idea when my kids will ever get the chance to see them in person, so I'm jealous you get to whenever ya want.
      hope ya feel better soon!! big hugs!

    11. I've been so tired and Eeyore for days...just came down with a cold, so I'm hoping this too shall pass.

      Hope you feel better!

    12. Amen about the cherries. They're still $4/pound. WTF?

    13. My kids were very keen to ride their bikes once they got a handle on it. I hope you start feeling better really soon. You've been sick quite a while.

    14. We just picked up a bunch of cherries at costco... something about them.. they just taste like summer


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