Thursday, June 30, 2011

Spin Cycle--Wishes...

So the Spin topic this week is wishes.
Wishes can be dangerous things.  A person can spend their whole life wishing for something else and miss what's right in front of them.  I've been working on having small wishes--those come true easier.
Wish on a shooting star.(image from Google)

I've also learned that you really have to express your wishes.  Keeping them to yourself means that the elves can't hear them--or your husband won't know that you really want something sparkly for your birthday. Mom won't know that you really want a certain video game, your wife won't know you really do want a tool for Christmas, and you son or daughter won't know that you want anything at all if you don't say it out loud.  Oh, I know they say not to tell your birthday wishes, or what you wish on a star, but if you don't tell it sometime the likelihood of it coming true is slim to none. (Unless you do it yourself and what fun is that?)
image from Google

Also, the caveat of be careful what you wish for rings true.  You might get it and it might not be what you expected--the sparkly thing could be ugly as sin.  It could be a really bad game, the wrong tool, or something completely useless.  Or you just may find that what you wished for is most definitely not what you wanted.
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Currently I'm wishing for good health, a brighter outlook, time, and a better appreciation of what I have.  Something sparkly wouldn't hurt either.  (Are you reading Nick?)
Go see Sprite's Keeper for more wish spins.

small cycle


  1. I, too, am wishing for a brighter outlook. Though I guess I'm sort of in charge of making that happen. :)

  2. If wishes were horses....

    But I like the idea of smaller wishes.

    And wishing for sparkly things. :)

  3. I like the brighter outlook wish. Sometimes I spend so much time wishing for things that I don't have, I miss all the great things I do.

  4. Sometimes I don't want to wish for something specific or tangible like a new something, but rather try to wish on the intangible things such as patience, understanding, health, etc.

    Thanks for your spin!

  5. Perfect words:
    Wishes can be dangerous things. A person can spend their whole life wishing for something else and miss what's right in front of them.
    That is the truth as I know it, said perfectly!!


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