Thursday, June 9, 2011

Proud Mommy Moment--Turbo

 So I'm joining in with Kmama and Emmy Mom for Proud Mommy Moments this week.  The end of May Turbo turned eight.  If someone had told me what a difference being eight would make with a little boy, I'd have never believed them.  But truly, Turbo is acting way more grown up than I ever thought he would.
Memorial Day weekend, playing with the new Lego set Turbo had been given, Turbo and two other boys were assembling it.  At one point one of the boys was playing with an already assembled part and Turbo said Please give that toy back.  In a calm and very nice way.  No demanding, no anger, just asking nicely.  I was so proud.
And then last weekend, when I was so sick, Turbo was helpful, didn't complain about running errands around the house for me and cooperated with what we watched on TV.  I'll admit there were times when little boy activeness got the better of both boys but over all Turbo was helpful and a pretty good kid while I was sick.
I guess they do grow up, mostly while you're not looking.
If you have a Proud Mommy Moment or even a Not so Proud Mommy Moment, go link with Kama and Emmy Mom.


  1. What manners! I try to complement the kids whenever they use their manners - it's so rare in this house, LOL!!

  2. Oh thus gives me hope! Great PMM! Thank you so much for playing along

  3. They so grow up when you aren't looking. It's crazy how that happens!!

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. What I can't believe is how they'll go to sleep and wake up the next morning and look a year older. How does that happen?!?
    Love your sweetness behind your words, what a polite boy you have there.

  5. They grow up in a blink as I like to call it. We often wish we could slow it down.


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