Friday, June 24, 2011

Confession is Good for Me--Right?

Friday and the thing to do is to confess.  Mamarazzi leads this revolution, feel good thing, party.   So confess away and join in.
I confess:

  • Turbo is eight--8--and Tuesday night he admitted to having a crush on a girl in his class.  
  • I'd be worried but he's still to shy to tell her about it.
  • And I guess it healthy.
  • But he's still my little baby boy.
  • Although, my little boy admitted to having a crush on a girl in his class.
  • When did he get old enough to know what a crush was?
  • I did pretty good last weekend with the house chores.
  • I'm going to play this weekend.
  • Next weekend too.
  • What with the Fourth of July coming up so quickly.
  • Next week will be busy squeezing in all those weekend chores, but it'll make the time pass quickly.
  • I'm a bit jealous of the MiMyMa Retreat.
  • I'd love to meet lots of the wonderful friends I've made blogging.
  • Someday.
  • I've been sporting a new perfume.
  • Eu de Bug Spray.
  • The little blood suckers are hovering, hovering every time we go outside.
  • Stinking mosquitoes.
  • My allergies have been kicking my but--or my throat.
  • I hate cottonwood trees.
So go confess and get it all out there.  You'll feel better, I know I do.



    1. Bug spray is good, it means you get to go outside. Too much rain here!

    2. I can't wait for one of my boys to have a crush on someone. I'll totally swoon for them!

    3. Bug spray is the ONLY summer perfume IMO.

      I'm with you on the Forth of July thing, how did that pop up so fast. I was shocked when I realized it was literally next weekend.

      It's cute about Turbo's crush, and it's cute he told you. I'd start worrying once he STOPPED telling you!

    4. I would love to be there for the MiMyMa retreat too...sounds like they're having tons of fun!

      We'll be in Florida on the July 4th weekend FUN!

      Hope you have a great weekend!

    5. the mosquitos love G - he was sporting 3 new bites this morning. i'm going to have to be better.

      and i'm jealous of the retreat too!

    6. I am *totally* jealous of the retreat. Totally. How sweet that your little boy has a crush! I remember those days...forever ago. LOL Happy weekend!!

    7. I love the 4th, but around here everyday from June 15th until August 1st, is the 4th. My dogs hate it, they bark a lot, then I drug them up.

      And for the mosquitoes, put dryer sheets in your pockets. i swear, it works.

    8. Awe Turbo has a crush... how sweet is that!

      We are having a great time on our MiMyMa Retreat. Hopefully one day we can meet you, that would be AWESOME!

      Oooohhh Laaa Laaa Eu de Bug Spray. Ohhh I am so jealous LOL.

      Hope you have a great weekend!!! :)

    9. I carry bug spray in my purse. No make up, no perfume, no beauty products of any kind. Just bug spray. The mosquitoes are absolutely WICKED here. So I feel your pain!!

    10. aw I hate allergies. My poor hubby is sneezing up a storm these days and he sounds like a trumpet when he blows his nose!

      I am so jealous of the blogging meet ups too. I can't wait to go to one!

    11. Bug Spray is sexy!

      I'm having allergy problems too. And I'm not handling it well.

      Have a fun weekend! Can't believe 4th of July is coming up already!

    12. I'm jealous too of the MiMyMa retreat. Looks like they are having a ball!

      Kids grow up too fast. It's not fair!

    13. The cottonwoods out here are kicking my butt, too. Boo!

      I think all of us bloggers should have regular retreats and get-togethers...the MyMiMa sets a fantastic precedent!

    14. Hate the smell of bug spray, but its better than being bug bait!

    15. How sweet! Your little boy has a crush! At least he told you about her, that's a good thing.

      I am jelous of the MeMiMa retreat too. They are having way too much fun!

    16. I'm jealous too of the blog gals that are able to get together-- and truth be told, I'm not sure I'd be all that fun to hang out with but I sure do love hearing about everyone meeting and having fun. I think the flies around here are about as bad as your mosquito's! So pesky!

    17. Gosh dang mosquitoes ruin lives! I sure hate them. There's just no smelling good in the summer time if you want to avoid millions of little bites.

      I hope you had a fun weekend playing!! =)

    18. I cannot believe it is july. where has the time gone??

      yay for taking time off. I cleaned all weekend. it was no fun!

      crushes? yikes! i would be sad too. they grow up so fast!

    19. My son is five. He thinks girls are gross.

      I got chewed by grass fleas. Bugs love me. I must eat too much sweet stuff.


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