Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Randomness

So it's come around to Tuesday again.  Funny how it always comes round to Tuesday week after week.  you'd think it was a pattern or something.
so let's do the random thing with Stacy, since Keely has not taken back the mantle of Random Tuesday queen.

  • Bruiser has become obsessed with throwing balls around.  We really have to make sure he has a soft ball to throw.  I've been nailed by a hard rubber ball more then once.  The kid has quite the arm--no control, but a good arm none the less.
  • While I said Turbo learned to ride his bike on Sunday, he still has a bit of refining to do before he can be let loose without one of us along.  Starting and stopping are very important things to learn.  He is getting there.
  • On a sadder note, the swings are missing from our park.  This is sad because when they put a new playground in our closest park they did not put the normal play equipment.  They put up what looks like modern art that older kids---Turbo's age--can climb on, but nothing for smaller kids to do except swing.  And now the swings are gone.  Great.  Guess we will be going farther a field for park fun.
  • Today is the first day of summer.  Also, it's Nick birthday.  I never forget the first day of summer and neither does his mom.  AND he gets a reason to celebrate the longest day of the year.
Love you hon!
  •  And the allergies have come to visit.  I really wish they had skipped out on me this year, but no, they had to come and bring the eye gooeyness too.  Such fun.
Well that covers my random for this week.  Go see Stacy--she of the random rebellion--and link up your random.


    1. There's nothing worse than a crappy playground. What a bummer.

      Hooray for summer, although I'm sad that the days are going to start getting shorter now. Enjoy celebrating Nick's birthday!

    2. We always had to make sure that the balls that were thrown in the house (which weren't many when mom was home!) were the soft ones or else Leo will break stuff!

    3. Happy Birthday to Nick!!! We share hubby's birthdays!

      Some of the modern "play equipment" stinks! Bring back the traditional swings and slides and how about one of those deathly merry-go-rounds!!!

    4. so sorry to hear about the playground. we have a great one right up the road. it's part of the elementary school - i just didn't understand it was open for the neighborhood until recently.

    5. What dingbat steals swings?
      Sorry the kids got screwed by that asshat....

    6. My son is addicted to balls and we have at least one of every size and kind, soft, hard, rubber... ALL KINDS, it's crazy... :P

      I haven't ridden in a bike in so long, I don't know how I'm going to teach my kids.. :P

      So sad about the swings in your park...

      Happy birthday to Nick!

      I hope your allergies go away, have a great week ahead.. :)

    7. It would be cool to have a birthday on the longest day. I'd milk it for all its worth. :) Happy Tuesday.

    8. Everytime I read a blog about someone else with allergy problems, I get a little excited. Like, "yay, I'm not alone!" And then I realize that's nothing to celebrate. :(

    9. That really sucks about the swings. Some older kids probably took them as a prank. Allergies and eye gooey-ness... Yuck!

    10. I hope your eye gooeyness gets better. Happy birthday, Nick!

    11. Gah, my allergies took a round out of me today.

    12. Oh, bummer about the playground. For some reason they (the Dept of Pub Works) have taped off the two big place pieces in our our quad. It looks like a crime scene. The kids all stand around looking at it like there was a death too. They taped it off two weeks ago, but so far nothing has happened to do anything about them.
      Allergies! ACK! Mine are so bad James Bond threatens to put me in a plastic bubble. 14 years ago, I was spurred to go to the allergist when an MP saw me outside and asked if my husband was beating me because my eyes looked so bad. I took shots for 12 years (going back on them soon-8 a week!) and take 6 medications every day and still have symptoms. Allergies suck and blow all at the same time. I hope yours get better soon.

    13. I'm still trying to get over the pictures of snow from the last post. Those are recent right? From June? That's scary! :D


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