Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday--Nosey Question Time


This week's questions are from Mamarazzi. Here is what she wants to know...

{1} You have been asked to give a 10 minute speech to teenage girls. What is it about?  I would hate to actually have to do this, but I think my topic would be something along the lines of high school does not last forever and who and what you are there will have little or no bearing on who you are later, unless you let it.
{2} Do you have a pet? Tell us about them. No pets? Why?  We have a cat and a dog.  I have briefly described them in the side bar.  I'm a cat person and Nick is a dog person.   We will always have at least one of each.  Guiness is a collie mutt--mostly collie with a couple of other things thrown in for good measure.  He hates it when we are not all together and will split the difference between floors of the house so he can keep an eye on all of us.  He has arthritis in his hip and doesn't get around quite like he used to, but then he's 10 and a half.  Piper is our cat and she is very much a cat.  Petting on her terms, out when she wants out and leave her alone when she wants left alone.
{3} What is the biggest inconvenience about the place you’re currently living?  Space.  I wish the yard were just a bit bigger.  Nick would love to have the house be just a bit bigger too.  Our location is wonderful, we are within walking distance of downtown, a block from a park, and we can ride our bikes to work.  I do sometimes wish we had a big back yard, but I love our house.
{4} What do you think is the single best decision you have made in your life so far?  By far it was going on that first date with Nick.  It was 18 years ago when we met in German class in college and we have been together ever since.
{5} What are the THREE "nevers" of your life? (things you would never do or have never done)  

  1. I have never gone sky diving.  I have absolutely no urge to jump out of a perfectly good air plane.
  2. I have never gotten a passport.  When I was 13 months old my mom took me to England.  I remember nothing about the trip.  and since then I have not needed  passport.  Soon I think I will have to get one, but haven't needed one yet. 
  3. I have never eaten sushi.  I live entirely too far from the ocean (in Wyoming) for sushi to be as fresh and good as it can be.  I'm a little leery of raw fish.

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    1. Everyone I've read so far has said skydiving! hah1

      I took German in college for like two days! I don't know what I was thinking, I barely was able to handle the three years of Spanish in high school. Clearly I wouldn't be able to handle one of the hardest languages to learn on a college level!

    2. I would love to sky dive! My hub told me I just want a strange man strapped to me... see a perk!

    3. Sky diving is on my do-before-it's-too-late list.
      We had a collie before Xam, and he also freaked out when his "herd" split up. He would lie in the hallway, looking towards the kitchen, living room, and one bedroom at the same time. Any strange little noise would switch him onto the protective mode.

    4. thats so sweet about you & Nick aww!
      I wouldnt sky dive either

    5. We just had the skydiving discussion in the office yesterday. Strangely enough, I said no to skydiving, but maybe to bungee jumping. Not sure why, since if either goes wrong, I'm going SPLAT...

    6. I never really thought of sushi as needing to be geographic... but this totally makes sense. I used to think it was creepy too but it turns out, I really love it. If you ever visit anywhere coastal, you should try it. Eel is totally the best.

    7. Same here about raw fish. I'm a little paranoid when it comes to food. Ok, very paranoid.

    8. It is amazing how much changes from highschool to now.. I guess its true what they say-- wish you had known then what you know now.. SO true..

    9. i've never eaten sushi either. it scares me.

    10. I have 2 more years of high school with one and 4 more with the other. High sucked when I was in it, it is 10x worse now!

      I will always have at least one dog too, they are incredible additions to our family!

      I refused to try sushi until about a year ago, now I'm made I waited so long. Sooo good!

    11. Sushi is the best! You are missing out! And I would never jump out of a plane.

    12. I can't believe all the "I would never skydive" answers. I would never skydive either, but it would never come to my mind as a "never." I think maybe this means I should skydive...maybe this is like a sign...
      Oh, and ps, give sushi a try! I live in the middle of nowhere. You'll be fine! It's yummy!

    13. I love that your dog likes to keep his eyes on all of you. See? Your cat is why I don't have a cat. I need a cat to let me hold them and pet them and love on them as much as I want! lol

      Sky diving is something I would never do either. I'm a big baby but I will ride a roller coaster any time!! Weird huh?

      Sushi is GREAT! You're missing out! ;)

      Thanks for linking up girly!

    14. I've never had sushi either, but I'm not a big fan of seafood so I doubt I'd like it lol!

    15. What a perfect post to get to know someone new! I'm glad I stopped by.

      We have raising boys in common, We have three but they have since left the nest.

    16. Yes on the whole high school thing, oh how dumb we were then!

      And totally agree on sushi and skydiving.

    17. I've only tried sushi once, and if it was 'fresh' I don't know, but I didn't really care for it. Maybe if it was more high quality, I'd have enjoyed it more.


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