Monday, June 27, 2011

And So Monday Comes Again

How was your weekend?
Ours was eventful, but realxing.  And over way too soon.
Saturday Nick got the little four wheeler up and running for Turbo.  And it didn't cost that much to fix.  Nick was pretty jazzed.  So was Turbo.  And Turbo got on his old, smaller, bike and learned how to cost and how to start pedaling.  Nick and Turbo rode around the park three times on their bikes. 
No bike pictures, yet.
Now the reason this is so exciting for Nick is that he raced mountain bikes when he was a teenager.  In fact he was still racing when I met him.  He wanted nothing more that to have his son ride bikes with him.  I know he was disappointed that Turbo hadn't learned before this.  So now that Turbo has discovered the joy of riding a bike, Nick is one very thrilled dad.
In Bruiser news, the poor kid has been eaten alive by the hoards of little blood suckers the have invaded the area.  The mosquitoes are awful and poor Bruiser looks like he almost has the chicken pox--he has go so many bites.  Although we all sort of look like that.  Bruiser also had his first crash and skinned his knee pretty good.  A Scooby Doo band aid made it all better though.
Yeah, I'm a bucket head.

Just chillin'

Sunday we went out of town for a four wheeler ride.  It was lots of fun seeing Turbo on his little machine.  He did have a small accident--he wasn't watching where he was going and tumbled off the side.  Got himself a superman shaped scrape on his chest and a bruise on his shoulder.  I think Nick maybe lost a few years because he watched the crash, I was busy with Bruiser at the time.  Shook Turbo up but otherwise he's fine.
Then Sunday afternoon, we all got hit by the lethargy bug.  I napped, Nick napped, Bruiser napped, Turbo rested.  And nothing else got done. 
Even Scooby needs love.
 So, do tell what you did this weekend.  Next weekend will have lots of stories--we are going camping!


  1. Camping! What a strong woman you are.

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! Glad you all escaped with only a few bug bites and scrapes!! ;)

    My weekend was...wet. (You'll read all about it if you come around by my blog today!)

  3. Poor little Bruiser! Is there any one of us who hasn't the scars of growing up? I'll bet not. :(

    The four wheeler ride sounds kinda fun except for that Turbo got hurt. Goodness!

  4. We're going camping, too. As a matter of fact, PB is taking little o tonight to get his first bike helmet. LG got his last year when he got his tricycle, but little o needs one to ride in PB's bike cart.

  5. We were super busy this weekend. And we went to see RIO to escape the heat!


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