Monday, June 20, 2011

So Much to do, and Some Time to do it!

So we have had a wonderful weekend.  There was some snow gawking, laundry, bike riding and storms.  And some how we managed to fit a very nice Father's Day in there, too.
To start the weekend off, Nick took his folks up the mountain to gawk at the snow up there.  Nick and I and the boys went last Tuesday.  If we had had a bigger car that would have fit us all, Bruiser and I would have gone too, but since we don't, I stayed here with Bruiser and did the grocery shopping and laundry.
Here are some pictures of the snow we saw on Tuesday:
Turbo and Bruiser checking out the snow.

Behind this snow bank stands an outhouse.  I swear!

Nick did a bit of snow carving.

Our car for scale.

Some poor lost skier. (Someone got a bit creative.)

Then Sunday, we let Nick sleep in, I made from scratch blueberry muffins, and then we geared up and headed to the park.  It was time once again for Turbo to do battle with the Bike.  As is fitting for Father's Day, Turbo won the battle and actually rode with out help for several laps around the tennis court.  Nick could not have been prouder.  Then on what would be his last circuit, he crashed into one of the posts holding up the net.  So he rode his bike and crashed all in the same day.  He did get back on and rode home with help from Nick.  So triumph and crash all in the space of about 10 minutes.
Then in the afternoon, we were all settling down for a rest and the weather kicked up and gave us a lovely thunder storm.  Thunder storms can be a fun to watch, but we don't really like the close strikes.  And yesterday we got a strike that came entirely too close.  It hit a tree at the house across the street.  you know it's too close when the light and the sound come at the same time.  Our neighbor was just getting home when it hit. Some excitement in the neighborhood!  There was damage to the tree--a scar about 12 feet long in the bark--and you could see the area of grass that was torn up.  A poor squirrel got fried and there was damage to the base of the stop sign.  We think the neighbors lost their TV, but full damage reports are slim right now. We were lucky and nothing was damaged at our house.
Later we had Nick folks over for dinner and had a very nice time.  Grilled chicken salads were quite tasty.  We watched a movie and then they headed home.
And the perfect topper to the weekend was getting to talk to a good friend on the phone.  Hi Stacy!
So, we had a good weekend all around, did you?


  1. Sounds like a busy-fun weekend! I can't believe that SNOW!! Wow!!

  2. So weird to think of snow in June!

    Scary about the storm, I do not like them one bit!

  3. We've been over 100 here the last week so seeing all that snow make me giggle. Sound like you all had a lot of fun.

  4. Just looking at the snow cools me off a little. It's going to hit 100 today with high humidity.
    And it's only June..

  5. Wow, that is a lot of snow. Where is that at?
    Sounds like a fun weekend though. Even with a storm. Glad nothing happened to your home in the storm.

  6. What JR would give to see snow this time of year. It was in the high 90s with high humidity today. It's pretty early in the season for that kind of heat. It looks like you all had a pretty good weekend.

  7. Snow? Holy cow!! No way!!

    And storms with lightening are pretty...from far away!! That strike was too close!! Yikes!

  8. Snow!!??!! That's crazy!!! It has been soooooo hot here!!! I don't wanna see snow again for a long time!!

  9. Oh my gosh! That is a lot of snow!!


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