Thursday, June 2, 2011

Spin Cycle--Waiting

I am a waiter.  I have waited for lots of things--most recently for summer to come.  It might finally be here, but don't tell Mother Nature, she'll take it away.
Why does waiting for something make it take longer to get here?   The more you anticipate something the longer it takes to actually get here.  Then you seem to rush through the fun times and start waiting all over again.
Turbo has been going through the agony of waiting recently--for the end of school, his birthday, camping trips, Christmas, really any fun holiday, and waiting for video games.  Looking at it, he gets to wait for all the good stuff.
You never wait for a doctor's appointment, at least not the same way you wait for Christmas.  Oh you get to wait--in the waiting room, the exam room, for the doctor.  But that's not the same kind of waiting.
I know what the difference is.  It's anticipation.  The wanting of what you are waiting for.  Very few want to go to the doctor.  But just about everyone waits with much anticipation for Christmas.
Anticipation makes waiting excruciating, or livable depending on the level.  It's interesting because Bruiser waits for us to come home each day and that is his world.  Turbo waits for the next fun activity on his horizon--that's his world.  I wait for the weekend and for the small trips out of town we take.  It all depends on what you long to do, or anticipate doing.
This post is part of the Spin Cycle--after much waiting Jen of Sprite's Keeper brought it back. I'm glad I was patient, but the anticipation of it's return was long and very worth it.

small cycle


  1. Waiting for something you really want does take a long time.

    I thought I'd never have kids....that waiting was agonizing.

  2. I was waiting for so long for the Spin Cyle to come back too! Thank goodness it did! :-)

  3. The wait at the doctor's office *shudder*

  4. I am always waiting for the weekends. Especially the ones I don't have to work!

  5. I definitely agree, the anticipation makes the wait SO LONG!
    Luckily for Turbo, the wait for summer is over. :-)
    You're linked!

  6. i'm not really a waiter. i'm more of a live in the now. like RIGHT NOW. sometimes I can't see past something. does that even make sense?

  7. Waiting is soooo hard to do! I am getting a little impatient with Summer weather LOL :)

  8. It's always good to have something to look forward to!

  9. aha! Great points! The happy kind of waiting. That's my favorite. Not the kind where I'm waiting and waiting to be called back to see the doctor. I don't like that kind at all.

  10. I hate matter what Im waiting for!

  11. It really is the anticipation that kills you.

    Those 30 minutes I spent on the exercise bike this morning seemed more like 300, I swear.

    And Summer really is here. I'm sick of the heat already. I'll forward you some.

  12. Anticipation is a killer, but it's also pretty exciting--if you can handle the wait. Great spin.

  13. Waiting for someone, like the doctor to show up, is agonizing, especially when you have someplace else to go and you really want or need to be on time, like picking up your child.

  14. I think for me that waiting for the unknown is even more difficult than waiting for something you anticipate happening. I couldn't stand waiting to see if the job interview payed off. I never knew when I would find out, or if there were other interviews to come.

    Excellent spin!

  15. I agree that the more you anticipate something it seems the longer the wait! Great spin!


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