Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Random--Summer and Stuff

Time to carry the Random banner with Stacy.  Keep the random going!
Random musings:
  • Why is it that when it's finally nice enough to be outside, the mosquitoes start hovering and you can't go outside without tons of bug spray?  I guess we are just lucky in the mosquitoes department.  The crazy little fiends are everywhere, hovering, waiting to drink you dry.
  • How can you coax a small boy back inside after a long morning or afternoon outside?  Without the whole neighborhood thinking bloody murder is happening?  Because getting Bruiser inside is a chore and there are some days I just hate the inevitable fight bringing him in entails.
  • Why are summer cherries so good, but so very expensive?  Along with every other summer fruit.   Expect watermelon, watermelon is still pretty cheap.
  • Why doesn't is feel like summer until you've had meat grilled, cold watermelon, and cold beer after a hot day in the sun?  Ice cream too.  Some foods just scream summer.
  • Why does meat taste better grilled?  Because any meat tastes better grilled.  Just like any food tastes better camping.  I have no idea why.
  • Exactly how do you explain that a small boy must go to sleep when it's still light out?  I never really understood that one when I was a kid.  And small boys don't quite believe that their going to bed has a direct relationship to mom's sanity.
  • I love summer here (except for the mosquitoes).  It is only getting to the lower 80s and dropping to the 40s at night.  The occasional thunderstorm, and otherwise lovely sunshine.  Got to enjoy the good weather while we have it as it doesn't stick around for very long.
  • How come having one extra person around can throw a wrench in the morning routine?  (Sorry about this morning Nick.)
Well that covers the random questions I have floating around my head this morning.  Go see Stacy Uncorked and join up with your own random.


    1. What a great way to describe summer. Really enjoyed your post.

    2. we have crazy mosquitoes here too. I still love summer though. My favorite part is the smell in the morning.

    3. We haven't had too many mosquitoes lately and I guess it's because we have had little rain. But it finally started to rain every day so I'm thinking they'll get bad again soon. I invested in about 5 citronella patio candles made by Black Flag, which means they actually work. I love them.

    4. mmmmmmm grilled meat is the best. and i HATE living in an apartment bc of this- nowhere to grill! :(

    5. No mosquitos this year but the black flies are out in droves.

      You need to come here for a marguerita. We have 4 cherry trees on the property. You can eat them until you burst. :P

    6. Mmmm...cherries! One more reason I need a cherry tree when we finally settle down.
      Here in Europe it stays daylight until around 11pm during the summer and the sun comes back up around 4am. On post, they do 4th of July fireworks and can't start them until nearly midnight. During the winter though, the dun doesn't come up until around 9am and goes down around 3:30pm. It's crazy.

    7. we have pretty bad mosquitos too. I have the same problem at one - 9:00 PM and it's still light out and my daughter refuses to go to sleep because its light out. Wake up is the same...on weekends, shes waking me up at like 6:00 am because the sun is out and she says "wakey wakey mom...the sun is awake!"

    8. If you rub some of that cheap lemon juice from the store on your skin it actually keeps the mosquitoes away. I've tested it. :)

    9. The best way to get Sprite inside or to leave a place she's having a lot of fun at is to tempt her with the next activity.
      "Time to go inside. For ice cream!" Sometimes, those cheap cups of ice cream from Target or Walmart are well worth their money. :-)

    10. Mosquitoes...dragging screaming kids inside...grilled meat...going to bed when the sun's still up...this whole POST screams summer! Too bad it's raining here. (Again.)

    11. I'm with Sprite's Keeper. The best way to get a little boy to do anything is with a bribe. Fruit snacks work well for us.

    12. Gotta LOVE summertime! :) Hope you're doing well, Vandy!

    13. There is nothing better than summer fruit! I've had 2 wonderfully juicy watermelons lately and the strawberries have been super delish!

      We're in the triple digits already. It's gonna be another hot summer for us! Boo.

    14. I love your summer randoms! You describe summer so perfectly! I love watching for the summer fruit sales....like the one or two weeks that the cherries actually are reasonable.


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