Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WWTK--Random stuff

Time to answer the questions.  Crazymama is asking this week:
  1. What is your most commonly used word or phrase when you are frustrated?  I use several, it depends on who's listening.  Around the boys I censor myself but I have been know to use Fewmets (dragon dropping).  I can also curse with the best of them.  Nothing feels as good as a good curse when you stub your toe or bang an elbow.
  2. What random question do you usually get from strangers or casual acquaintances?  Are you done having kids?  Are you going to try for a girl?  Nope, nope, and nope.  Two and through for us.
  3. Did you ever correspond by mail with anyone?  Do you still have the letters?  When I was in the third grade my teacher went to Hawaii for Christmas or spring break and sat next to a third grade teacher from Australia.  They arranged for their classes to do a pen pal project.  I corresponded with my pen pal until I was about 20.  And yes, I still have some of the letters.
  4. Do you dance in public?  Why or why not?  When I get the chance.  I like dancing.  However I rarely get the chance anymore.
  5. What is your favorite kind of lip balm?  Carmex.
And that covers the questions for this week.  Quite the random bunch.  Go answer for yourself and link up.
Mamarazzi, Crazymama and Queso host this little party.  Check them out.



  1. Hehe, two and through?
    I've heard of One and Done, Two Will Do, Just Three for Me, Four and No More. I wonder if they have any others. Cute!

  2. are you having more kids? are you going to try for a girl?..hehe ok so i couldn't resist the urge. i love carmex to it's all i use

  3. CRAP! I forget I get that question all the time!! Are you gonna have another so it will be a girl? Because you KNOW if we had a 3rd it would def be a girl, right?
    Eye roll.

  4. People ask me all the time if we are done. Seriously. Like it is anyones business.

    Carmex. I had a major addiction to it in jr. High. I want to know, do you use the pot, the stick, or the tube and have you tried the flavored ones? I got flavored one for some of my kids stocking but I didn't get to try them yet.

    Thanks for linking up and answering my randomness.

  5. That would have been super cool! Long long distance pen pals!!

  6. YES! Sometimes, a good curse is just so satisfying! I was completely addicted to Carmex when I was in high school. A while back, Jude had chapped lips, and completely refused to use Chapstick - he kept saying it was lipstick, and too girly. So I got him some Carmex, which he deemed dude enough.

  7. Did you know that shooting out the F bomb or other four letter word has been clinically proven to lessen pain for 40 seconds longer than someone who doesn't curse? Yes, indeedy, good to know!

  8. i always wonder about people who get up in people's business about kids.

    i just want to tell them to shut up.

    but that's me.

    thanks for linking up!!

  9. I always resented all the baby questions....does that make me a bad person?

  10. You kept your pen pal from 3rd grade til you were 20?! That. is. awesome! And you're right: nothing is better than a few choice curse words when the timing is right.

  11. I love me a curse word. I'm a potty mouth.

    I get the Are you going to try for a boy question all the time! I would love to have another, not nessicarily a boy because ummm hello I don't have thousands & thousands to spend spinning eggs finding only the boy ones & 2 you get what God gives you DUH!

    The pen pal thing is cool. Now there is facebook. Bawwwhhhaaahaaa

    Dance on girl - you work it!

    Boooo to Carmex... CHAPSTICK!

  12. I have 3 boys and I get that same question about having a girl. It makes me sad because I did have a girl once and she did not survive birth. But I can't go around punching people for their rude questions so I just tell em I'm pretty content being the Queen in the House O' Testosterone. :)


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