Thursday, January 12, 2012

Spin Cycle--Dreams

The spin cycle has changed addresses.   It's gone Hollywood and is now hosted by Gretchen of Second Blooming.  The first topic she chose was dreams.  Now, with the Spin Cycle, you take the topic given and give it your own spin.  I did a Spin Cycle post on a dream date, but not one about dreams.
Dreams.  This can go lots of directions.  I could tell you about my dreams--the ones I have at night or the ones I have for my life or the ones I have for my boys--or I could go with daydreams or how dreams shape your life.  That's the fun of the spin cycle.  I think I just free formed myself into a post.  I like the idea of dreams shaping who you are.
When you're little you have lots of dreams and ambitions for when you grow up.  The question of who or what do you want to be when you grow up is asked over and over.  Doctor, fireman, astronaut, actor, singer, teacher, scientist.  You can be who or what you want.  Then you get to college and you're asked the question again, only in the form of what is your major?  Of course, this is asked with the expectation that what you major in will be the job you get when you are done with school.  This works well for the kids who have a clear idea or a strong dream they are following.  Not so well for those of us who really don't know which direction we want to go.
I was part of the latter group.  My dreams changed constantly and none of them ever sank it's hooks into me deep enough to stick.  I really didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up.  Maybe that's why I had to go to school twice to find something I could make into a career.  And even now I really don't have big dreams.
I would have the hardest time making a bucket list.  To make a really good bucket list you have to have at least interesting dreams.  The biggest dream I have is the ambition to visit every national park west of the Mississippi before Nick and I can no longer travel.  I think I would also like to visit every State at least once.  Small dreams but dreams none the less.  I'd also like to meet some of the great friends I've made blogging.  Now that would be an interesting trip.  I could hit a lot of the US in the process.
So what are your dreams?  Were they small dreams or big dreams?  Did they take you interesting places, or not far at all?

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  1. My dreams have definitely changed. They used to be of fame and talent when I was younger, now it's to keep a steady job, keep my husband and daughter happy and healthy, stay safe. :-)

  2. I can't say I ever had any dreams...I know that's pathetic, but I knew early on that if I wanted any dreams to come true that I'd have to work hard for em and I could think of nothing that I wanted bad enough to work hard for.
    Man. That makes me sound SO lazy, but that's not it, it's hard to explain.
    Now I have some "dreams" but they're nothing I can control so that bites.

  3. I love this, Vandy. We don't all have to have big, grandiose dreams of greatness. I actually think that an ambition to visit every state is really cool! Doable, but not easy. Go for it! And say hi when you're in CA!

    THanks so much for following the Spin Cycle West!
    You're linked up!

  4. Small dreams are the best because they are just as important but you are able to do thdm.

  5. I like your state park dream!

    My dream is to paint cover art for Cook's Magazine ;P

  6. I always dreamed of being a mom. Other then that I had little dreams of being a nurse, a hair stylist, a massage therapist, ehhh nothin really panned out in the career dept. Oh well LOL.

  7. I think the nat'l park dream is great. Just think--people in Europe come all the way over here to visit the parks. This past June we went to Death Valley (the biggest nat'l park in the US!) and I thought we were in Europe because although it was not crowded, everyone else was from Europe.
    I think small dreams are very important and attainable.

  8. I'm with you. I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. All I knew was what I DIDN'T want to be. And since graduating college, I have changed careers a couple times. I think it's hard sometimes to settle on just one thing.

  9. My parents weren't big on encouraging us kids to dream, so I kept them to myself and they were never realized. I'm making it a point to encourage Princess Nagger to follow her dreams - it will be interesting where they lead! Meanwhile, I have a dream to tour the Wine Country in Italy some day. :) And, if you do travel all the states, I'll keep you posted on where we end up, because meeting you in person would be a dream come true. ;)

    Once Upon a Time I Had a Dream...

  10. I think US travel is a great dream! I'm really excited to take my family to Yellowstone this summer. We'll be driving from Wisconsin, so there will be plenty to see on the way.

  11. My occupational dreams changed a lot over the years. I remember in elementary school drawing a picture of myself as a plumber. In high school I first wanted to be a history teacher, then decided I wanted to be a music teacher. When I was finishing my degree in music education, I tried combining the two into a music history professor at a large university, but because I didn't get into grad school, that never came true. I did however work at a large university doing what I'm currently doing, so I guess I got part of it right.

  12. My mom always told me I could be whatever I wanted to be. Maybe that is why I'm not that ambitious because I was always told I could be anything. Now I'm with Jen and just want to make sure my current life is a good life.


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