Monday, January 23, 2012

Fun and Interesting... least to us.  The weekend I mean.  We had some great family moments.  Some lazy moments.  Some frustrating moments.  Some relaxing moments.
We started out with a quiet Friday night.  We watched movies at home and Turbo played some video games.  We were worn out after what was a surprisingly long week.
Saturday morning we loaded everyone up and headed down to Ft. Collins (about an hour away) to do a bit of shopping.  We started out with a surprise trip to the ultimate kid store, Toys R Us.  Both boys got to choose an item to take home and then we went to a brewing store for Nick.  He got a brewing set up (I think I may have created a monster with that first brewing kit I got him, but he loves making beer).  While he was shopping I took the boys for a walk in Old Town and let them play.

We went to lunch and then headed home.
The evening was fun, as Nick had to start up another batch of beer in the new kit he got
(like any kid with a new toy).  He had a friend over and they had fun getting everything set up.
I did something a bit out of character for me Saturday night.  I colored my hair.  It is currently a dark red.  See:

Yeah, a bit of a change up.  It's not permanent, it will wash out, but I'm still tossed as to whether I like it.  Nick likes it, though.
And then Sunday happened.  I didn't really do much of anything.  Oh, I did dishes, more than once.  For a day of not doing much, I did a lot of dishes.  I did make an awesome glazed ham though.  It's one I could do again.  An orange glaze.  It was oh so very good.
The frustrating part of the weekend was the potty front with Bruiser.  It's a slow frustrating project with him.  Still keeping my eye on the prize, but it's not easy.
So not an overly exciting weekend, but a comfortable one.  Getting out of town was good for all of us.  Like I've said before hitting the city limits sign really does a lot for our stress levels.
How was your weekend?  Good, bad, boring, too exciting?  Let me know if it was better than our weekend, then I can be jealous and have something to strive for next weekend.


  1. Hm, I like the red, but I like the blonde too!
    Thumbs up!

  2. Mine wasn't necessarily boring but I felt so disjointed. Got a lot done but still felt like it wasn't enough.

  3. I love the red! It's always nice to change sometimes! And our weekend was pretty nice. They always go by too quickly. Especially when I have to work on Saturday.

  4. Love your hair! The color and the way it curls like that! :)
    I love weekends like that.

  5. Vandy--You are a born red head! I love it!!

    I had a total lazy saturday. I didn't do ANYTHING and it was awesome!

  6. I love the red too! I'm such a chicken about hair color. You were so bold, and it paid off!

  7. love the red and what a wonderful weekend

  8. My hair is red so you know my vote! Red always fades, even when it's supposed to be permanent. My hair has red tints anyway so sometimes I get tired of fighting it with blonde.

    You can do both like I did. My hair is copper with light blonde highlights ;P

    Our weekend was nice, and I hope it is uneventful this weekend!

    Keep us posted about the potty training. :D



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