Monday, January 9, 2012

Blah, Just Blah

This last weekend we really did a lot of nothing.  I couldn't motivate myself to do much more than the bare minimum.  Nick was productive, but I really wasn't.
Nick finished building doors for the gun cabinet he is building.  He finished out an area in the kitchen so it looks much nicer.  He also did some finish work in the basement family room so it looks much better now.  He also started thinking about painting.  He really is home improvement minded, since he loathes painting.  He also got some game time in and is anxiously awaiting Tuesday when he can try his first batch of homemade beer.
I, on the other hand, did far less.  I got the grocery shopping done, and won the grocery game this week, in that I stayed well within the budget.  I spent the rest of the weekend coaxing Bruiser to use the potty.  Fun times people, fun times.
Turbo had a fun weekend.  He got to have a sleep over with a good friend on Saturday night.  He had a blast.  Sunday the friend came over for a bit and they rode their bikes some and then played some video games.  All around a good weekend.
Bruiser had a fairly quiet weekend.  As long as he's bare from the waist down he is having more successes in the potty then misses.  Put pants on the kid and all bets are off.  He does not seem to care if he wears wet pants or not.  And we have him in regular training pants, so he can feel when he wets.  He will eventually get it right?  The process is agonizing for all involved though.
Oh and to top it all off, there is no snow outside, it's just cold.  Grey, brown and cold.  Definitely blah weather.
So how was your weekend?  Better than ours (although that's not hard to do)?  I sure hope so.
Where I wish we could have spent the weekend.


  1. We had an extremely busy weekend since we had to travel for a cousin's Bat Mitzvah, but we're back and things are much more calm. :-)

  2. Grocery shopping is busy! It is!

  3. Hey, you have to grocery shop; that's an accomplishment! I ran a half-marathon so nothing like shopping or laundry got done; it's all waiting for me tonight!

  4. Hey, I consider doing the grocery shopping AND staying in budget is a huge accomplishment. I've put mine off until this evening...totally hate grocery shopping...

  5. I think you did more than I did. Oy. We all have those days we don't think we accomplished much and those we think we did superstar work! LOL

  6. Grocery shopping is a chore & takes a long time, so you TOTALLY did something productive.

    Potty training SUCKS. There is no way around how much it just plain SUCKS!! Hope he "gets" it soon.


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