Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Random Tuesday--Adventures in Potty Training and Other Fun Stuff

So it's Tuesday.  You'd think it was on a schedule the way it shows up after Monday every week.  But Tuesday means it's time to be random and call it a post.  Since my mind is mostly thinking in random right now, this works for me.

  • We tried Nick first batch of beer last night.  It's not bad.  Gave me a bit of a buzz (I'm such a light weight--hey, cheap date!)
  • Potty training is slow going.  Bare butted, the kid does OK, but he can wear no pants.  I'm not even considering night training.  Eye on the prize, eye on the prize.  It has become my mantra.
  • Bruiser has discovered his special purpose and never lets it go now that he has easy access to it.
  • We have learned he has signals.  "Leave me alone!" means he really needs to go sit on the potty, no matter how much he protests. 

  • To make things easier on all of us his potty is sitting in the living room.
  • I tell you, potty training is a rocking good time.  You want to be us right now don't you?  Don't answer that.
  • Nick needs to put away his clothes.  See we got new bedroom furniture last summer.  He organized his clothes the way he wanted them, but I was not sure how he had his t shirts organized, so he said he would put away his clothes when I did laundry.  I was skeptical, but went with it.  He did good at putting them away for a few months, but has slacked in the last few weeks.  Currently, he has t shirts from before Christmas waiting to be put away.  Oh and shirts from the laundry I did at New Years.  Yeah, he's on top of it. 
  • I have been exercising.  It's just an ab workout that was in Redbook and some basic exercises for the exercise ball, but it's something.
Captain Goofy
  • Turbo is trucking along.  Kind of like a normal kid.  A goofy kid, but mostly normal.
  • Man, I am boring this week.  Potty training and household chores.  Doesn't get much more exciting than that.
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Seriously Shawn


  1. I am pretty sure we had Elliot completely and totally trained (during the day) by the end of last year but he wasn't out of nighttime pull-ups until maybe March. So that part def takes a lot longer. They just can't hold it that long. My kid simply slept too hard and never woke up. Good luck!

  2. Sprite took a good year to stop having accidents and still, we need to sit her sleeping self down on the potty before we go to bed ourselves in order to avoid night time accidents. Sometimes, she wakes herself up. Others, not so much.

  3. Potty training was so painful in our house that I still remember it 25 years later. I doubt the kids do though.

  4. My little girl is 15 months old. Seems everyone I know is potty training now, which just reminds me I'm going to have to do that again. Why are there so many overachievers who do it crazy early? My 8 year old was almost 3 before I even considered it. Then I took her to the preschool for a visit, said "do you like it here?", she said yes, and I said, "if you go potty on the potty all the time, you can come here in the fall." Done. Seriously. Not an accident. My middle child was not as easy. I did a lot of begging. There were tons of accidents. Good grief, just last week she came home from first grade in some way too small sweatpants because she didn't want to ask the playground supervisor if she could go in and go potty.
    And now I'll have to do it again. Do you think I can pawn it off on her sisters?

  5. I hate potty training!

    Great job starting some exercise.

  6. Okay, but it's cute seeing them run around all bare assed! I mean, not fit for public, but still...
    I can't put my hubs clothes away either. He has them in a (totally messed up!) certain order.

  7. I have no idea what you're going through. Both of my girls potty-trained in less than 3 days before they turned 2. Honey was 20 months and Peanut was 22, they were so easy, all of the Moms at play group were so jealous!

    Thanks for linking up!

  8. have to say i don't miss potty training

  9. I remember those days quite well! My oldest was reluctant to train, so I bought her Disney Princess Pocahontas panties, and I told her not to pee on Pocahontas because it would make her cry and it would hurt her feelings. It worked. But it probably would not work on a boy....

  10. Did you tell Shawn to shut the hell up about potty training? I have a girl and she's not as easy as I thought she'd be. We've been at it for over a week and we're still having accidents. I know we'll get there eventually but man is it kicking my butt!

    Thanks for linking up Vandy!! xoxo

  11. G is still not night trained. The Dr said it's not something to even worry about for awhile.

  12. Wish I had some words of wisdom, but I never got to go through it with my son. His body is just not working the way that it should. Ah the joys of parenthood. Hope that it gets easier/better soon!

  13. I don`t miss the potty training. Hoping it gets smoother soon!

  14. They may be boring, but laundry and potty training are real life!

  15. Heeey cheap date. LOL

    Potty training DOES suck! My middle one... uggghhh, but now that it is almost time for my youngest well I've dropped hints & there is NO INTEREST at all. I so hope she isn't that far away.

    You are not boring, you are a mom thrown full force into real life! Hang in there :)


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