Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Can Be So Random

Hi!  Did everyone enjoy their weekend?  We got a three day weekend here.  And we did next to nothing with it.  Well, I did laundry.  Nick helped a friend with a project and then thought about various projects he could do here at home.  He brewed more beer.  However, Sunday, not a thing constructive was done.  It was kind of wonderful.  Yesterday I finished (mostly) the laundry and didn't do a whole lot else.  Oh, I had a minor fling with the vacuum, and did dishes, but nothing exciting.
And now on to the Random:
  • Potty training continues here.  Bruiser is sort of getting it, but still doesn't quite understand that he needs to go in the potty and not his pants.  The kids does great if he's bare bottomed, but pants mess the whole thing up.  We are plodding forward but it's slow going.
  • Turbo got to spend some time with a friend this weekend.  It's so cool to see him have a good friend to hang out with.  School is moving forward and he seems to be doing all right.
  • It's hard to believe that January is half over.  After the blur of the holidays, you'd think things would slow down some.
  • Bruiser likes the Geico commercial with the pig on the zip line.  He says "Weeeeeeeee" along with the pig.  It's cute.
  • We finally have a family picture up on the wall.  It's one that was taken when we were at Rocky Mountain National Park this summer.  Since we have yet to get all four of us to a photo studio, this picture at least has all of us together and smiling.  Some day we will all get to a professional studio and get a picture taken, but since that requires planning and a  trip out of town (for a wallet friendly option) it will be a while.
  • We have snow here.  Not a lot but, hey, it's white outside.  I'll take it.
So that covers us for this week.  Go random it up with Stacy.
And go see the lovely ladies of Talk To Us Tuesday--Shawn and Impulsive.  They like to talk about anything.
Seriously Shawn


  1. When we go through what sounds each animal makes, we don't say "oink" for pig. We say "whee whee whee wheeeee!". It's hilarious. Happy Tuesday.

  2. Studios are so passe! Find a friend who has a nice camera, and take yourselves to the favorite places you like. Snap some pictures there. You'll be a lot happier with the outcome! (Plus, it's cheaper to upload, crop them yourself, and pay less than 2 dollars at the drug store to print.) Oh, and buy your friend a restaurant gift card or something. There's your sitting fee. :-)

  3. I'm with Sprite, it's so cool to have the natural shots! :)

  4. I love that pig!!! When ever I get the chance to do the zipline I'm gonna do that!!!Wheee wheee wheeee whee all the way!

  5. I can't believe that January is half over! Why does each year go faster and faster?

  6. My 5 year old loves that commercial too! He just giggles when it comes on. Don't feel bad about the family picture, until about a month ago the one we had hanging up was from when the 5 year old was less than 1 year old. Its so hard to find time to get in to a studio! Happy Tuesday!

  7. I would love a little snow on the ground here. We went to Tahoe and there was barely any! It was sad.

    I love that commercial too. WEEEE!

  8. No snow here. It was 70 yesterday and 35 today. Ugh. Stupid weather.

    Hey...I wanna see the family picture!! I bet it looks great! Did you already blog about it? I don't remember seeing it if you did.

    Potty training is evil.

    Thanks for linking up with us, Miss Vandy!!

  9. I'm wondering if there's a snow dance I need to be doing to get some snow over here. From 35 as a high on Monday to 53 as a high today - Mother Nature is messing with us...or messing up her meds. :)

    Little Dude has been having some regressions and peeing his pants lately, so I'm feeling your pain.

    Why is it that each year seem to speed up and go by faster? I refuse to think it's because we're getting older.

    I like Jen's idea on the photo - I might have to do that and maybe we'll finally get a recent family photo done. ;)

    Skylanders Craze Part 2, Wishing for Snow and Advanced Potty Training: RTT Rebel

  10. I love the natural shots myself. Every studio shot we have looks fake and like we have yardsticks up our arse...

  11. Ah it really is crazy how fast time is flying by! I can't believe it's almost February. Good job with the chores, I did everything but that this weekend. Whoops!

  12. Who needs a professional studio? Family shots taken during fun times are way more personal!

  13. I can't believe January is half over either! I haven't even taken down my Christmas Decorations yet!


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