Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WWTK--Furniture and Fridges

Time to get nosy again.  Answer up the questions and link up with Mamarazzi and Queso.
This week the questions are from Queso:
{1}  If you could be on any game show what would it be?  I'm pretty good at random trivia so I think I'd do OK on Who Want to be a Millionaire? or any other trivia based game.
{2}  If you could choose to stay any certain age forever, what would it be?  I think I'd go with 25 or 35.  Both years were pretty good to me.  I got married just before I turned 25 and I had Bruiser when I was 35 so I had my family complete.  Either age would be good.
{3}  What were you doing 30 Minutes ago?  Getting little boys up and dressed--in the case of Bruiser, Turbo dresses himself--and getting breakfast ready for them.
{4}  What would I find in your fridge right now?  The usual stuff--condiments in the door, milk, eggs, breakfast meat, leftovers, lunchmeat, cheese, beer, the odd jar of pickles.  Normal stuff.
{5}  If you were a piece of furniture what would you be?  Why?  I'd like to be the cool couch or chair every loves to sit in, but I'd probably be the table in the corner that seldom gets used and everyone misses, but can't say why, when it's gone.

So go link up and play along.



  1. Now why would you call a jar of pickles odd? It's practically a requirement in my house!

  2. I love useless trivia as well! LOL

  3. I wish blogger had a *Like* know like facebook does. Sometimes I don't have anything really to say, but think it would be nice to have a quick easy way to let you know that I read your post and enjoyed it without so many words :) Anyway, have a great day! the way, we enjoy the odd pickle in our house too!

  4. Pssh you would not be the sad lonely table in the corner! You'd be a great, lovely comfy chair =)

  5. Or a maroon sofa like me! :)

    35 rocks.

  6. Aahhhhhhhhhh, I forgot about that show. I love that show!

  7. Oh, sad. Don't be the corner table. lol!

  8. I had no problem turning 30 but I freaked out over 36! My daughter told me just stay 35 so I have. I am now younger than her husband!

  9. I have about 3 odd jars of pickles and for some reason, I never want to eat them.

  10. Aww on the table- I don't see you hiding out in the corner at all.

  11. 35 would be good, I'm starting to rethink the age I chose. Depends on if everyone else stays the same age too....I wouldn't necessarily want to deal with my kids as teens forever! lol

  12. I'd do great on Millionair for the first half, then I'd suck for sure!

    I couldn't pick an age. I definitely have loved some ages more then others but in the whole too many things happen at different ages I wouldn't want to give any of them up!

    I think my fridge is very VERY similar to yours!

    Ohhhh a comfty chair... good idea!

  13. Love your choice of furniture! Deep!

  14. ohhhh trivia game! that's a good one! i'm good at useless facts of trivia, but that's about it :) and i love your chair answer! so sweet!

  15. I just couldn't play this week because I thought the questions were absurd, but I love how you've answered them! 25 was a good year for me too. I was happily in the beginning stages of the love bubble with my now husband then. Those would be fun moments to relive!

    Lol, I like your #5 answer. Such a strange question. I would want to be the beloved furniture but I wouldn't really want people sitting on me. Gross!


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