Monday, August 29, 2011

What a Weekend!

We had quite the weekend.  Little boys played, we danced, we got to see family, we got out of town and had a glorious time.
Nick's brother and his partner had their wedding out here for all the family that was not able to be present at the first ceremony.  They had a fairly simple outdoor location at a local guest ranch.  The weather was wonderful and the whole thing went off really well.  There was even another little boy about Turbo's age for him to pal around with.  And with a river running through the property, the boys were in heaven.
There was dancing.  Lots of dancing.  Turbo cut quite the rug.  I think the kid even learned a few new moves and he has a pretty good air guitar.  Nick and I even got to dance together.  We have not danced together for more years than I can remember.  We didn't even dance at our wedding.  Nick is not much of a dancer.  I like it, but don't do much more than Just Dance any more.
I don't have any pictures--those are on Nick's camera.  But I can show you some shots from our weekend at the lake a week ago.
Splashing and floating in the water.

We all love the water.

The small dot against the cliff is Nick jumping in.

I'm not sure if I said much about our weekend other than it was wonderfully relaxing.  Nick did do some cliff jumping, the boys got to play in the water, and I got to read and over all we just had a great time recharging before school starts.


  1. Your photos look like how we spent this past weekend. Ours was a river, and there was no cliff jumping, but lots of water was played in by all. Which lake was this?

  2. Your weekend sounds fun. The hubby is not a dancer either so I never get to dance with him!

    And the pictures look like your past weekend was just as fuN!

  3. That sounds like a wonderful weekend!

    And what a fun trip to the lake!

  4. That sounds wonderful! Two great weekends in a row. The boys are adorable, they look like they are really enjoying those tubes.

  5. sounds like a wonderful weekend and what fun to just sit back and relax while floating around a lake. good times

  6. Cliff jumping! I would have been so scared for him. Great pictures and the floating in the water looks like so much fun.


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