Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday's Random Thoughts

Tuesday, it just keeps following Monday.  It really shows no originality at all.  BUt you know what is original--the thoughts I'm going to throw together and call a post.  Random right?  Oh, not so original?  OK, OK, I know Keely came up with it and Stacy is keeping the dream alive and all.  Just check out my thoughts and then go see Stacy, she of the Random Rebelling.

  • Throwing a wrench in Bruisers routine makes for a cranky boy.  Cranky mom too, truth be told.
  • It's been a very successful summer so far.  Both boys are absolutely filthy by the end of the day.  Means they are being boys right?  Enjoying summer for all it's worth.
  • School starts in just a little over two weeks for Turbo.  This summer has been of the blink you miss it type.  We have some great memories of it though.
  • I still could use a week's vacation, all at once.  Next summer maybe.  I'll have accrued the vacation days by then.  Now to figure out where we are going.  (Nick be thinking about where you might like to run away too.) 
  • Nick built a new walkway in our back yard, moved a planter and still needs to build new steps onto our back deck.  It looks awesome.  We can get past the tree in our back yard and onto the deck without ducking and dodging branches.  And we can walk to the deck on a very nice paver walkway.  Pictures when he finishes the steps.  Amazing what a week off can result in.
So that's about it for my original random thoughts.  Like I said go see Stacy.  A little random is good for you.


Cathy Kennedy said...

The summer has all but vanished on us. It's hard to believe the new school year kicks off soon.

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The Crazy Coxes said...

The summer has gone by qay too quickly, but it sounds like your boys have made the MOST of it!!!

Captain Dumbass said...

We've still got a month to go. A month.

kyooty said...

Did yu say new walk way? I'm totally jealous. I would love a new walk way here to go around my garage.
Happy RTT

thelexhex said...

I totally hear you on the routine thing: Munchkin and I both get cranky if things aren't done the usual way... like, today, for example. Late nap (and shortened, too) + more driving than usual = inevitable disaster.

I, too, am jealous of the new walkway. I need a couple of those around the yard, stat!

Happy Tuesday :)

Kristine said...

When my daughter comes homes filthy, she has had an awesome day. ;-)

dddiva said...

I don't know where the summer went either. Hope you get that great vacation next year.

Vivian said...

A walkway? wow! You are so lucky! Bet it will all look awesome when done. Pictures!

shopannies said...

love the sounds of your building project come over and see what we have been up to at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

Emmy said...

Can't wait to see the pictures. Summer did go by way too fast

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

Apparently most of us let summer slip by.

Filthy - it's ever boys middle name.

Myya said...

Uggghhh cranky kids can TOTALLY ruin a whole day huh!

School doesn't start here till 2nd week in September. YAY for Summer!


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