Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Random Tuesday Stuff

Hi everyone!  It's time to random it up because it's Tuesday and Stacy is still hosting the rebellion.  So random it up!
  • A long weekend at a lake will do wonders for your motivation.  We had sun, water, a bit of cliff jumping, lots of splashing, good food and good company.  I feel refreshed and relaxed.  It was an awesome way to turn 38 19 again.
  • Yes, I started counting backwards at 29, just like my mom did.
  • Nick did coordinate with his family to have three roses waiting at home for my birthday.  Only three because I'm not 40 yet.  It totally surprised me and I thought it was so thoughtful.  Love you honey!
  • Turbo starts school on Thursday.  How did the summer speed buy so fast?
  • Oh I know, we were busy.  If we had done nothing it might have seemed longer.  Maybe it would have been longer.  The whining about being bored would have extended it , I'm sure.
  • I haven't looked at my e-mail since Friday morning.  I'm scared to check it.  I now there will be lots and lots of emails to wade through.
  • It was kind of nice to sit back, unplug (mostly) and unwind this weekend.
  • Fall is coming.  We have a decided chill in the air in the morning.  It's still hitting the 80s during the day, but at night we are hitting the upper 40s.  Gotta love those temperature swings.
Well that's about it for my random this week.  It really wasn't that random, but hey, I'm still getting back into the regular schedule--relaxing will do that to you.
Remember to rebel it up with Stacy.


  1. I had a similar email problem; it was awful Monday morning. And your little weekend getaway sounds nice. Sadly, my days are all too busy now; my oldest started pre-k yesterday and the univ. where I work begins Monday. :( Your temperatures sound lovely too!

  2. Whew y'alls evening are cool! Our temperatures are still too hot and the nights feel better falling into the upper 60s to low 70s. Change is coming, though, and we'll all be ready for it when it doesn arrive. Thanks for stopping by today!

    Rebel on!

  3. I didn't know you could start counting back at 29! Oh, next month is going to be fun...

  4. Happy Birthday! I'm glad you had some time to unwind and relax!!! Everyone needs some down time. The roses were a really sweet idea.

  5. I am looking forward to the cooler weather and when my daughter goes back to school. (Sept 6th). Apparently she is too because her backpack has been ready and packed for the last 2 weeks. LOL

  6. I'd kill for 80 degree temps. Okay, maybe not kill but I'd do something drastic.

  7. Wow that's a nice weather range! Our's is still in the 90's during the day. I took a walk yesterday at lunch and almost fainted from the heat! Florida doesn't get "fall" until October or November.


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