Thursday, August 4, 2011

Spinning Free

Jen has set us loose and decreed a free spin.  Anything we want to spin.  that leaves lot of open territory to choose from.  I'm not sure where this is going to take me.

  • How can little boys find the one thing that will make me want to climb the walls?  Every time?
  • Why is mother nature being such a witch?  Take the medication already.
  • Why do the weathermen have no windows in the office where they make the predictions?
  • Why does pregnancy brain turn into mommy brain?
I think that last one is the one I will run with.
I used to pride myself on remembering everything.  I had wonderful recall and could remember events, the time they happened, and what had happened at them.  I could remember faces and the names to go with them (most of the time).  I had no problem remember appointments, the time and date and where I was supposed to go, all in my head.  Who needed a date book (yes, I'm dating myself a bit with that one, moving on)?  I could remember birthdays for friends and family--I often reminded Nick of important ones, like his parents'--and most often in time to send at least a card.
I was good that way!
Now, after two kids, yeah not so much.  I forget everything.  It started when I was pregnant with Turbo.   I worked at a chiropractor's office as his assistant.  I took notes about the appointments, did therapy for patients, and made appointments with other doctors for said patients when it was required.  I did the ordering of supplies, made the occasional appointment for a patient to come back(we did have a front desk girl, but I got to do just about everything in that office except the billing).  I had good recall for the first three years I worked there, but once I got pregnant, I found if I didn't write everything down, I'd forget, before I left the room, what exactly I was supposed to do.
The same thing with remembering birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, you name it.  I really thought that my recall would come back after I had the baby.  Yeah, not really.  I went from pregnancy brain to mommy brain.  I have a really bad case of CRS(Can't Remember S#!t).  If it doesn't get written down it just flutters right out of my head.  Heck even if it gets written down it can flutter right out of my head.
Tuesday, I made an appointment to go get Turbo's eyes checked.  They called and reminded us the day before and I thought about it during the day at least twice.  But when I got home I didn't remember the appointment until 6:30pm.  The appointment was for 4:30.  Major fail there.
So I'm not sure why Pregnancy brain turns into mommy brain, but it most definitely does.  I tease Nick about his horrible recall for names.  Unfortunately, I'm getting almost as bad.  THe calendar that hangs in our front room is not only so everyone knows about various appointments and such, but also to aid in my remembering at least something.
So there you have it my spin.  At least I remembered to do the spin this week. Go see Jen for more free spins and see what else is talked about during this free pass week at the spin cycle.

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  1. I like to consider my little brain fart "mommy brain". It's much better than blaming it on aging.

  2. Oh it is so real and I totally suffer from it!

  3. I'm right there with you. I think our memory is the same, there's just much more stuff crammed in there. We weren't fully utilizing the space before, now we're over using it. That's my theory, anyway.

  4. I don't get it. I can't post a comment on Thursday, but when I come back on Friday, I can! Oy. And yes, the mommy brain thing is me too. I think it's more priorities now. Every other minute, a Sprite thought pops into my head and rushes out anything that was taking up space and then I'm left wondering why I'm standing in the breakroom holding a file. :-)
    You're linked!

  5. I've always been bad with names. Perhaps I consider knowing who's who more like trivia. But ask me about what they are like and I can remember a ton.

    Happy Spin to you!

  6. hahahahhahaha I'm totally using CRS as a medical condition from now on!

  7. I hate to tell you this, but it gets even worse after menopause.


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