Monday, August 15, 2011

One Mighty Random Weekend

This last weekend was productive, but really very random.  In the spirit of random I think I will just bullet out our activities.
  • I took my mom and Turbo down to Colorado to go school shopping.  The second hand options are much better there than here in good old Wyoming.  The new store shopping is also better.
  • We got everything he needed and didn't have to spend all that much.  It was awesome.  50% off sales at both of my favorite second hand stores, a gift card for Old Navy and then minor stuff at JC Penney.  Then off to Target for the actual school supplies.  He truly is growing up--he had to get his first spiral bound notebooks for Third grade this year.
  • All in all it was a good day, hot and very muggy, but a good day.
  • We then headed home and Turbo spent the night with Grandma.
  • Nick and I took Bruiser out to a friend's house for a barbecue.
  • Sunday I went grocery shopping, picked up Turbo and got the laundry done.
  • Got Turbo's clothes rearranged in his drawers and everything ready for school to start (in about a week and a half--eep)
  • The boys spent the day playing in the left over sand from the pathway project.

Turbo's sand fortress creation.
  • We then had Nick's folks over for a barbecue and Nick spent the afternoon smoking fish on the grill.  Everything turned out tasting fabulous.
  • And finally here are pictures of the walkway Nick put in our back yard.  He still needs to finish the steps onto the deck but otherwise things look great in the back yard.
Looking east

Looking west.
So that was our weekend.  It rushed by and while we accomplished a lot, it seems like we did nothing.  And I don't feel all that relaxed and refreshed.  Maybe next weekend.
Hope your weekend was relaxing and productive, one way or another.


  1. Nope, not relaxed or refreshed here, either...

    The walkway looks beautiful! I love the random trucks parked by the porch (the do add such a decorative touch, don't they?)

  2. Wow, the walkway is awesome! I think I need something like that in our backyard, but John thinks we should hire someone for it. Pfft.

  3. That walkway is really cool. Good job!

  4. Looks like you got a lot done. Nice pathway!

  5. Relaxed and refreshed... what is that again? I seem to have forgotten.


  6. No wonder why you don't feel relaxed and refreshed- you did a ton!


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