Monday, August 1, 2011

Popsicle Kids

So this last weekend we all just sort of did nothing.  I had my fling with the laundry--lasted all weekend--and stood up the vacuum.  It's all good because Nick just might have an affair with the vacuum this week.  He's taking some time to be home for unbloggable reasons.  I took an unscheduled trip to go shopping--I did not really shop for much, just went along as company for a friend.
We had dinner Saturday evening with friends and let the kids wear themselves out on the trampoline.  Bruiser loves the trampoline, but we watch him very closely on it.  Turbo played lots of video games but also played outside, had a birthday party, and got to see his friends lots this weekend.
It really sounds as if the weekend was jumbled and truly, I feel all jumbled after this weekend.  Last night, Nick's folks provided all the fixings for a steak dinner and we had them over for a wonderful relaxing end to the weekend.  They even brought Popsicles for the boys.
He only eats them if they are still attached to each other.

Popsicle good!

Really good!
And that covers our weekend.  August promises to be busy, but fun, even if school is starting before it's done.


  1. School starts for us next week. My kid officially becomes a VPK kid!

  2. Mmmm they make those so yummy. We just had 100 degree weather and those would have gone nicely... Oh gosh, I am gearing up for school prep too, so busy!!!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. super cute kids! i bet g would love a trampoline.

  4. My kids didn't even know that Popsicles were attached to each other until they were older than Turbo. I like weekends that are a jumble. They feel longer that way.

  5. School starts on Monday for us. Enjoy your August. The Popsicle look good- so classic

  6. love the pics! what little cuties! Yippee school is starting again! Maybe that will bring some cooler weather with it. We hit 117! In Kansas. Never seen heat like this!

  7. Mmmmm popcicles LOOOVE me some popcicles!!!


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