Friday, August 5, 2011

Confession for Friday

Time to confess.  What do we have to get out there this week?
Let's see:
  • I am scared of potty training.
  • Bruiser does not really have a handle on the whole pooping all at once thing.
  • I think that is all I really need to say about that.
  • I like mojitos.
  • I'm thinking that I will like having fall come this year.
  • I see it as an end to allergy season.
  • And that can't come soon enough.
  • I will need a reminder that I was happy to see summer go when it is 30 below. (Hey a rhyme)
  • Nick and I have our anniversary on Monday.
  • Thirteen years. Officially.
  • 18 and half unofficially.
  • We are spending the weekend with the boys.
  • Going to a national park.
  • It'll be fun.
  • I am standing up the vacuum, hoping to encourage it to cheat on me with Nick.
  • He's been home this week.
  • Doing outside home improvement stuff.
  • I don't think the vacuum is trying very hard.
  • It needs to play easy to get for Nick.
  • Sadly, I think it's not really the cheating type.
That about covers my confessions for this week.  Go see Mamarazzi, she's got the goods on lots of people, confess and link up.


  1. Have fun at the park!!!

    And, I CAN NOT wait for winter!!!!

  2. I wish my husband would do outside home improvement stuff! :)
    Good luck on the potty training. You never know maybe it will be easy for you. Seems everyone I know has easy stories, but mine not so easy!

  3. Happy anniversary; hope y'all have a good time!

  4. Happy Anniversary! I remember that potty training was a struggle with Lucas but I can hardly remember it now. So it sucks while your in the process but someday you won't remember :)

  5. Happy Early Anniversary!

    I like a good mojito too. Maybe you'll have one on your anniversary! =)

    Potty training this little beauty of mine scares me to death! Ugh.

  6. Yes, this heat is killing me. And I'm still laughing over the vacuum part. :-)

  7. Our anniversary is next weekend and we will be spending ours with Leo like you will be with your boys! I guess it's the natural progression of a relationship!

  8. Congrats on the Anniversary! Way to go. Hey if your vacuum gets that down will you have it talk to my mop? I hate mopping and if my hubs did that he would be my hero! lol

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Fall definitely won't come soon enough for me! Have a great weekend and anniversary!

  10. My vacuum is very loyal to me too, he is not the cheating kind. I guess it is cuz I am always pushing him around. I am intimidating like that...Have fun at the national park. Happy Anniversary!

  11. First of all, happy anniversary!

    mojitos are one of my favorite drinks!

    And fall is my favorite season :)

  12. Lol, hope the vacuum cheats on you soon. :-)

    Good luck with potty training. I'm so terrified of that when I become a mom. I hear so many people saying how hard it is.

    I love the fall. It's my favorite time of year!

  13. Happy Anniversary...i hope the hubz does cheat on you with the vacuum. i often wish my hubz would take an appliance or two for a torrid fling!!

    thanks for linking up!!

  14. Congrats on your upcoming anniversary! National Park sounds fun. I'll be happy for fall if it means we will have temps below 98 degrees. We had record heat of 101 today.

  15. Happy anniversary (one day early)!!!!!


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