Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Confession

Time to confess:

  • I love going to yard sales.
  • Getting a bargain just makes me all happy inside.
  • Hunting for that bargain is fun.
  • But only with a friend that gets yard saling.
  • I don't really like to go with my mom.
  • She's way to thorough and takes way to long looking.
  • I can't believe that this boy went to Third grade yesterday.(oday too!)

  • I am most definitely not old enough to have a boy that age.
  • OK, I'll admit I am but I don't feel like it.
  • So who's ready for fall?
  • Me, Me, Me!
  • I am sad to see summer go--it seems to have gone by so quickly.
  • I don't feel like I really did anything.
  • I can tell my news next week.
  • It's good news and we are so happy about it.
  • It's been mostly unbloggable for the last year.
  • It's all better next week.
  • I think we may start potty training next month.
  • God help me.
  • I am having a hot threesome with the laundry this weekend--Nick's helping out.
  • Sounds like fun, right?
  • The vacuum has cheated on me with Nick too.
  • I'm not at all heartbroken about it.
  • It's been trying to make up and showing me the dust rhinos in the living room as proof I need to forgive and forget, I don't really wanna.
  • I think I gonna have to though, before one of those things eats one of the boys.
And that covers my confessions for this week.  Hop on over and see Mamarazzi and see what everyone else is confessing this week.


  1. i use to yard sale with my grandma. she took forever so it was never really that fun for me. now as an adult i like to go every now and then.

    your little guy is adorable!

  2. OMG I am so glad Summer is almost gone!!!!! And, my kid is in high school!!! I'm not old enough for a 14 year old! LOL Happy Friday!

  3. Yay for summer being almost over! I love fall.
    Good luck with potty trining, I hear it's super hard.
    Yard sailing and shopping are fun only if you go with someone who doesn't linger too long. I'm like you, I don't go through every single thing,

  4. I'm feeling the same about the turn of the seasons - super-anxious for fall, yet feeling like summer went too quickly and I didn't soak it up enough. I didn't do anything!!

    Can't wait to hear the news! :) Have a great weekend.

  5. hey doll i keep trying to email you and it keeps getting bounced back...thoughts?

  6. I can't wait to hear your news...ahh the suspense!

    I would like to do more yard shopping but hardly ever have cash so that puts a damper on things, but I do love a good bargain!

  7. Good luck with the potty training! I can't wait to hear your good news!

  8. I love a good secret especially 1 kept for a whole YEAR!

    I love that you have dust rhinos. I was saying the other day that we have more than dust bunnies! Maybe dust elephants?

    Will check in next week for the secret!

  9. Summer is almost coming to an end and with that the yard sales come to an end...sad..I love them too.

  10. Oh so curious as to your news! It has been a long time since I have gone to garage sales as I do not want to have to take my kids with

  11. We started potty training at the beginning of the week. It's not going all that well, but the first week is always the hardest. I prepare by having lots of chocolate - for ME, not the kid.

  12. I wish I could get into the yard sale thing. Maybe I just need a friend who can teach me.

  13. I love hearing about your exotic date nights with the vacuum and laundry. :D haha.

    Just wait til that boy is a freshmen in high school. *sigh*

  14. I love yard sales too! They are kind of hit or miss here in my new city, but my home town is a college town where people are constantly moving away so it is a gold mine! I love to go alone so I can come and go as I please :) Good luck with potty training!

  15. I'm so ready for FALL! you have no idea it was 101 here today at 3:30! I can't believe it's time for the 3rd grade...I remember when we was little and would sleep on the couch when I babysat...eons ago my dear and we're not that old!


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