Monday, August 8, 2011

Of Weekend Getaways and the Number 13

We ran away this weekend.  We packed the kids in the car and headed out Saturday morning.  We took the back way down to Rocky Mountain National Park.  We live only about 2.5 hours from this national wonder and we have never been there.  So we remedied that this weekend.  The views were spectacular.
What a view!

Looking north to Wyoming, 35 miles away.

We also stayed over night in Estes Park, Colorado.  The boys had a blast swimming in the motel pool.  And sitting in the hot tub to warm up as the pool and hot tub were outside.  We then had a wonderful dinner at a barbecue place and relaxed back at the motel.
The next morning we went back up to Rocky Mountain National park and drove up a fun one lane dirt road to see lots of water falls and then headed home.
All in all, we found a wonderful place that we are definitely going back to visit.  We might even camp in the park.  Or maybe we will do the hotel thing again for the swimming pool.  Who knows.  We sure had fun though.
Now the number thirteen.  Some people are superstitious about it.  And for sure, the thirteenth year we spent in our house was not the luckiest for us, but the thirteenth year of marriage has been wonderful.  Today Nick and I can count 13 years officially married.  I talked about our less than extravagant wedding last year.
Did you know that the traditional gift for the 13th anniversary is lace.  The more modern gift is textiles.  The modern travel recommendation is going to France.  None of these "traditional" ideas really works for Nick.  He let me get new shoes and I am making him get new running shoes.  Wildly romantic the two of us.
Here's to many more, I love you Nick!


  1. Seeing that Sprite's birthday falls on the 13th, I consider that number pretty lucky too!
    Happy anniversary and I think it's great that you did something spontaneous this weekend!

  2. Happy anniversary! It sounds like you had a nice weekend!

  3. Wow those are some beautiful views!

  4. Gorgeous pictures!!!!

  5. Hehe 13 is lucky (in the good way) for me- and blondie was born on Aug 13 at 13 minutes til midnight.

    You sound as romantic as we are- my honeymoon was spent in the hospital.

    And they said it wouldn't last. ;)

  6. Practical, that is what me & my hubs are too. :)

    LOVE the pictures, they are gorgeous! They are postcard worthy!

  7. happy anniversary! that park looks beautiful!

  8. It's very cool that you live so close to that. Though I like where we live, we have nothing that cool nearby. I mean, I guess to some, it's cool how close we are to the beach. But eh...


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